February 8, 2016

Chicago Cop sues dead Teen he killed

By Mark Wachtler

February 8, 2016. Chicago. (ONN) A Chicago police officer who killed an innocent grandmother and the teenager who called 911 for help has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the estate of the teen he shot and killed. The officer claims he is suffering “extreme emotional trauma” due to the actions of the Northern Illinois student who was standing in his home holding a baseball bat the morning after Christmas when the officer shot and killed him along with an innocent neighbor.

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In the early morning hours of December 26, 2015, 19-year-old Northern Illinois University student Quintonio LeGrier called 911 for help, three times. His father also called 911. The request for assistance was due to a domestic argument within the LeGrier family. When officer Robert Rialmo arrived on the scene, Quintonio was standing inside his home holding a baseball bat.

After being ordered by Rialmo to drop the bat, the teen refused. The officer, standing at the bottom of the front porch steps, then fired into the home, striking and killing Quintonio LeGrier along with an innocent grandmother living in a neighboring apartment. In statements following the shooting, the officer insisted he opened fire because he feared for his life.

On Friday, Chicago police officer Robert Rialmo sued the estate of the 19-year-old victim claiming he is suffering from emotional trauma due to the fatal double-shooting. The suit states in part, ‘Rialmo reasonably believed that if he did not use deadly force against LeGrier, that LeGrier would kill him.’ Comments by the officer’s attorney Joel Brodsky suggest Chicago teens are purposely getting themselves killed by Chicago police officers for the settlement money, “Ever since the McDonald payoff, people are treating officer-involved confrontations like a lottery ticket and they're waiting to cash it in.”

If you think you’ve heard of attorney Joel Brodsky somewhere, you’re right. He was the high-profile defense lawyer for the notorious Drew Peterson, a police sergeant convicted of murdering his wife Kathleen Savio and the prime suspect in the disappearance of this fourth wife Stacey Peterson. The late teen’s own lawyer, Basileios Foutris, responded saying, “After this coward shot a teenager in the back, he has the temerity to sue him? That’s a new low for the Chicago Police Department.”

The police officer’s lawsuit seeks between $50,000 and $10 million in damages from the late teen’s estate.


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