October 27, 2015

Rep Gutiérrez should do the Right Thing for Puerto Rico

By José M. López Sierra

October 27, 2015. Washington DC. (ONN) Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) is asking in this letter that a television network do the right thing. He is advocating that Presidential candidate Donald Trump should not be allowed to be on Saturday Night Live for making derogatory statements about Latinos. But, why hasn’t the government that he represents done the right thing with Puerto Rico? Click on the following link to read his letter.

Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), seen here being arrested while demonstrating for immigration reform. Image courtesy of TheBlaze.com.


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Read the letter from Rep. Gutierrez to Comcast and NBC Universal.

The United States government has been a criminal for 55 years for violating the 1960 international law that prohibits having colonies.  Congressman Gutierrez’ government has ignored 34 United Nations resolutions asking it to unconditionally and immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.  His government has maintained incarcerated Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera for also 34 years for doing what he has a right to do under international law - fighting to decolonize his country.

If Representative Gutiérrez really wants to defend Latinos from US racism, he should try to get his government to decolonize Puerto Rico.  We don’t need a plebiscite to do that, because the decision has already been made that Puerto Rico has to be decolonized, or said differently, set free.  Whatever plebiscite that may be needed, would be after Puerto Rico is free to make decisions freely. 

Luis should understand that his government will not voluntarily decolonize Puerto Rico.  Therefore, he should be advocating that we peacefully and continuously protest for our decolonization.  We must do it this way, because those who violate the law to keep their colonies don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Decolonize Puerto Rico

Many of us believe that, if we don’t talk about Puerto Rico decolonization, we are just wasting our time. How could anyone believe that an empire would help its colony? When in our history has the US government helped Puerto Rico?

On the contrary, history shows us that the US government has exploited us for 117 years. Did you know that the US government and its corporations make $14 dollars for every dollar they invest in Puerto Rico? That is why Puerto Rico has always been in crises, since the US invaded us in 1898. But, that is exactly what colonies are for! The US government wants to keep Puerto Rico a colony forever!

Remember what Ramón Emeterio Betances asked: “What is happening that Puerto Ricans are notrebelling?” Remember what Pedro Albizu Campos told us: “What the Yankees want is the cage, and not the birds.” AndrememberAlbizu’s question about the supreme definition: “Yankee or Puerto Rican?”

The easiest way to get a Puerto Rican consensus, in Puerto Rico and in the diaspora, is by:

  • Recognizing that in 1960, the United Nations (UN) determined that colonialism is a crime against humanity, because it threatens world peace.
  • Recognizing that the US government has ignored 34 UN resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico. Obviously, the US government did not like that decision.
  • Recognizing that these UN resolutions ask for decolonization, and not plebiscites. The US government, on its own, has promoted us to do plebiscites, so that Puerto Ricans can argue among ourselves.
  • Recognizing that Oscar López Rivera has the right, under international law, to have done what he did - fight to decolonize his homeland. However, the US government has kept him incarcerated for the same amount of years as it has ignored these UN resolutions. Obama has not liberated him, because the US government is not willing to decolonize Puerto Rico.  Remember, Oscar is our Nelson Mandela!
  • Recognizing that all of our problems stem from the fact that we are a colony, and therefore, it is up to us to decolonize ourselves!

We don’t have to wait for the US elections. We can vote with our feet, like Martin Luther King Jr. did!  With a real consensus, 8 million Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and in the diaspora could protest peacefully and permanently until we decolonize ourselves. We cannot believe that the US government will decolonize us, because those who violate international law to maintain colonies, don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

For more information, read this letter to our diaspora from the Independence Dialogue Table.

José M. López Sierra is the spokesperson for United Partners for the Decolonization of Puerto Rico. In addition to the petition that he will make to the UN, he is part of the committee that organized the 2nd Oscar-Mandela March in NYC. José is also a correspondent in Puerto Rico for InformaciónAlDesnudo.com.


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