November 16, 2015

Kids are the Stars at Under The Gun Theater

By Mark Wachtler

November 16, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Sometimes fun, comedy, improv, theater and kids intersect and create a unique and memorable experience that will never be forgotten. Such is the case at Chicago’s Under The Gun Theater where a kid-fueled show is currently running titled, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’. This is the show’s fourth stint in three years and based on audience reviews, it’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday and fun for the whole family.

A recent performance of The Greatest Story Never Told, currently running at Chicago’s Under The Gun Theater.


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Imagine an adult sitting down to read a story to a group of gathered children. But when the storybook is opened, its pages are blank. That sums up the opening scene from The Greatest Story Never Told. Instead of being read to, it’s left to the kids to use their imaginations to create the story. Children from the audience are invited onstage to participate. With a little guidance and assistance from the theater’s cast, the kids provide all the story’s details including location, characters, plot and all the humor and imagination that only a child can supply.

The Greatest Story Never Told ​is directed by Andrew Ritter and Produced by YaYa Productions. The show has been entertaining families and introducing kids to theater and improv since 2013. In addition to wonderful memories, the kids and cast create an always-unique story that is transformed by artists into a genuine kids book that can be purchased by parents and audience members.

According to the show’s creator, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told is designed to be a space for children, families and strangers to collaborate through the arts and generate spontaneous stories together. Professional improvisers take suggestions and volunteers throughout the entire creation. Each original story is transcribed by a writer, illustrated by an artist, and ultimately becomes a digital and physical storybook.’

A columnist from Chicago Parent magazine wrote, “All parental bias aside, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my whole life.” Little Lake County described the show writing, ‘The actors are so adept at moving the story along, they remained completely unfazed no matter what the kids threw at them. Be it a toddler offering up a piece of bagel mid-performance or random soliloquies delivered by an enthusiastic kid, it’s all good! It all becomes a seamless part of the show and lends itself to the entertainment factor.’

Organizers say The Greatest Story Never Told is fun for ages 3-14, and babies 1 and under get in free. The only warning is that the show plays in the second-floor theater at Under The Gun and there is no elevator.

The show is currently running at Under The Gun Theater at 956 W. Newport on Chicago’s north side on Saturdays at 11:00am. The audience-fueled performance goes until December 19th. Tickets are $15 when purchased in advance or $20 at the door. Doors open at 10:30am.

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