October 23, 2015

Illinois Herald holds first ever Fundraiser

By Mark Wachtler

October 23, 2015. Chicago (ONN) After three years of reporting and publishing the news that’s blacked-out, covered-up or censored by the mainstream corporate media, the Illinois Herald is holding its first-ever fundraiser. As a grassroots, independent news outlet, we’re not funded or supported by anyone but our readers and subscribers. Without your small, periodic contributions, we couldn’t continue to publish. For the first time ever, the Illinois Herald is asking for a little help.

The Illinois Herald is holding its first-ever fundraiser. Please consider making a small donation to help us continue publishing.


The Illinois Herald is an independent, grassroots news outlet. Without your support, we couldn't continue publishing. Any donation is appreciated.

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The Illinois Herald is literally the oldest news outlet in the state of Illinois. It was first opened in 1814, four years before Illinois became a state. When we resurrected the old publication three years ago, our goal was to help shine a light on two things - the government and corporate corruption that isn’t reported by the Wall Street media, and the grassroots-independent people and organizations trying to make a difference in our state for the better.

In case readers haven’t noticed, the Illinois Herald is the state’s leader in reporting on independent politics, and some of our best friends are Illinois’ independents, Libertarians and Greens. We’re also anti-corruption crusaders that never hesitate to put ourselves on the line by loudly and publicly endorsing those first-time, reform-minded citizen-candidates who stick their own necks out to run against entrenched and corrupt politicians from our state’s two establishment parties.

Last year, two of those reformers running for Chicago City Council, who weren’t endorsed by any other news outlet in the state except for the Illinois Herald, shocked everyone but us by winning their elections. With your help, that will only be the beginning.

We’ve partnered with our friends at OpenTheBooks.com and the DuPage Libertarian Party to help expose the criminal activity and corruption at the College of DuPage. And we partnered with our friends from the Illinois Green Party and Chicago PSL to expose our state’s rigged election system when most of the Cook County third party candidates were thrown off the ballot. We work with the left, right and center, because we’re on the side of the people, all the people.

We cover Chicago’s comedy improv and theater district, because few other news outlets do. We promote social justice organizations like Administer Justice, For the Good of Illinois, Food & Water Watch, Free and Equal, Taxpayers United of America, Prairie Rivers Network, NORML, Uptown People’s Law Center, and our very good friends at Chicago Anonymous.

You’ll never see a single pop-up ad, self-playing video or sponsored email at the Illinois Herald. And your email addresses are always considered private and protected, and never shared with anyone for any reason. That’s how most news outlets generate revenue, but not us. We rely on the generosity and support of readers like you.

Please consider making a small donation at this time to help us continue publishing. Any contribution, large or small, would be greatly appreciated.

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Kindest regards,

Mark Wachtler

Illinois Herald author/editor