December 6, 2015

Chicago called Ground Zero for illegal Drugs

By Mark Wachtler

December 6, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Chicago has long been called the most corrupt city in the nation and recent events only enforce that label. The Chicago Police Superintendent was just fired over evidence of murder cover-ups. And the Illinois Attorney General has just asked the Justice Department for help in cleaning up the CPD. But a DEA report has put Chicago in an even more negative light, citing the city as ground zero for illegal drug distribution across the US.

Illegal drugs travel from Mexico to Chicago, then to the rest of America. Image courtesy of the DEA & Business Insider.

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A recent report from Yahoo News and Business Insider quotes the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in crediting the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel with supplying, “80% of the heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine — with a street value of $3 billion — that floods the Chicago region each year.” Also according to the DEA, nearly all the illegal drugs Americans consume originate in two US cities – Chicago and Los Angeles.

There are eight well known Mexican drug cartels violently fighting for control of drug distribution in the United States. One of them, Sinaloa, has its sights set on controlling the entire drug trade. With a little help from the CIA and the US government, the cartel has taken over roughly 80% of the entire drug supply in America.

Two maps produced by the DEA illustrate the Sinaloa cartel’s dominance. One map shows the all-important US-Mexico border crossings and which cartel controls each border region. The Gulf cartel is shown to still control the east coast of Mexico into the Gulf of Mexico and US Gulf states. Los Zetas, former Mexican special forces soldiers, control much of the central portion of the border. The Juarez cartel has held onto the other half of the central region. And Sinaloa has taken over the western quarter of the entire US-Mexican border.

But it’s the second DEA map that shows Sinaloa’s dominance. While four cartels battle for control of the border, three of them see their dominance stop immediately on the other side of the US border. The Gulf cartel controls the drug trade in southern and eastern Texas. The Zetas control the major border cities in Texas. Juarez controls western Texas and New Mexico. And Sinaloa controls the remaining 48 states.


Red = Gulf Cartel, Blue = Juarez Cartel, Gold = Sinaloa Cartel. Image courtes of DEA.

A final DEA map shows how Chicago and Los Angeles fit into the illegal drug market. According to the DEA report, nearly all illegal drugs entering the United States are brought to either Los Angeles or Chicago. From LA, drugs are then sent to cities on the west coast for local distribution. Chicago is credited with being the starting point for drugs going to the vast remainder of the country.


According to the DEA, illegal drugs from Mexico go to Los Angeles and Chicago to be distributed throughout the rest of America.


The report goes on to say that Mexican drug cartels are the most serious threat to American security writing, ‘Mexican transnational criminal organizations pose the greatest criminal drug threat to the United States; no other group is currently positioned to challenge them.’

The DEA also warns that a new drug epidemic is spreading across America and the Sinaloa cartel is already positioning to fuel it and dominate it. The agency notes that deaths from heroin in the US have increased 244%. That’s the result of an increase in heroin usage among Americans, many of whom blame opiate-based prescription pain killers for their addiction.

To supply the skyrocketing demand for heroin in America, the DEA report says the Sinaloa cartel has dedicated 23,000 square miles of Mexican farmland that the cartel controls to growing poppies for heroin production. The agency believes there are as many as 1.5 million heroin addicts in America, and that number is growing every day.


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