July 25, 2015

Grassroots Activists holding group Discussion July 31

By Mark Wachtler

July 25, 2015. Evanston, IL. (ONN) Chicago-area social, economic and political activists will be gathering for a group dinner and discussion on July 31st. The event is hosted by Evanston’s Foundation for a United Front, whose efforts are typically geared toward building solidarity among Chicago’s various local grassroots organizations. The gathering will take place in north suburban Evanston. And like all the group’s dinner-discussions in the series, it will pay tribute to the memory of the late Shirley Barnhart.

The Foundation for a United Front is holding a series of group discussions for grassroots activists.


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‘Join us in a dinner conversation, where we invite speakers to come and discuss topics that concern our economy, environment, society, and culture,’ the public invitation from the Foundation for a United Front announced, ‘This series is in memory of  Shirley Barnhart, who always talked about the issues of the day around the dinner table. It was discovered after her passing that she had stage 4 ovarian cancer. In her honor, donations will be collected for ovarian cancer research.’

This latest in the series of public roundtables will feature guest speaker Dr. Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois. Opalsky is also the author of three books – ‘Unbounded Publics’, ‘Spectacular Capitalism’, and ‘Precarious Communism’.

The dinner-discussion will be held on July 31st at Curt’s Café South at 1813 W. Dempster in Evanston, Illinois. Dinner begins at 6:00pm with the speeches and group discussion following at 6:30. While the recurring group dinners are coordinated by the Foundation for a United Front, next week’s roundtable is also co-sponsored by the host, Curt’s Café, as well as the Illinois chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Association.

While the event’s coordinators are activists for non-violent social, political and economic issues, the topic of next week’s dinner-discussion will touch on a subject that threads the needle between protest and revolution. According to the event’s announcement, ‘The conversation will explore the theory and practice of revolt in light of recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore.’

Right on the heels of the dinner-discussion, the Foundation for a United Front will host additional public events on August 6th and August 15th. The first program takes place at Curt’s Café again and will talk with activist Daphne Jackson about Racism in the 21st Century. The second gathering will commemorate the Fourth Annual Stonewall Riot with a panel discussion. It will be held at the Unitarian Church of Evanston. The panelists will touch on issues that have either progressed or still require attention since the Stonewall Riot in 1969.

According to the group’s website, ‘The Foundation for a United Front is an activist, action tank organization that looks to engage, organize, and collaborate with those who want to fight against forces that affects our economy, environment, and society through nonviolent action. We are do not receive or represent any government entity, political, or religious organization. We only represent the people who are being harmed by the systemic problems locally and globally.’


For more information about either event, visit the Foundation for a United Front.


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