August 24, 2015

Chicago Tattoo Convention coming August 28-30

By Mark Wachtler

August 24, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) The first annual Chicago Downtown Tattoo and Arts Convention is being held downtown next weekend. The event will bring together over 150 different professional tattoo artists under one roof, including celebrity artists from TV shows like Master Ink. There will also be dozens of vendor booths selling everything associated with body art, tattoos and piercings. Add nonstop live entertainment and 38 different tattoo contests and categories and you’ve got one exciting tattoo festival.

The Chicago Downtown Tattoo and Arts Convention will take place next weekend. Image courtesy of Dark Water Studio.

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Convention Details

Unlike other tattoo and body art events which are held out in the suburbs, this First Annual Chicago Downtown Tattoo Arts Convention will take place in the heart of Chicago - downtown at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Wacker Drive. The three-day event will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 28th through the 30th.

Admission is $20 per day or $40 for a three-day pass. The hours will be 2pm to midnight on Friday, 11am to midnight on Saturday, and 11am to 8pm on Sunday. The venue is the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago at 151 E. Wacker Drive.

Participating Artists

As detailed on the event’s website, over 150 professional tattoo and body artists will be participating. Many of them have already begun taking reservations for customers looking to get at tattoo at the convention, while other artists will be available to take care of those who simply walk up during the show.

A sampling of some of the participating tattoo artists and studios includes Amber Lea Downing from Wolf Creek Tattoos in Waverly, Iowa. Aaron Moses of Oakwood Tattoo in Decatur, Illinois. Ian Johnson from the Aztek Ink Tattoo Studio in Blue Island. And Gary Parisi of Mayday Tattoo, who actually performed an amazing cover-up job on your author a few years back. They are indicative of the high caliber artists participating from Chicago, the suburbs and states from Pennsylvania to California. And that’s just a sampling - there will be over 150 tattoo artists from around America performing at the convention.

Vendors, Booths and Live Entertainment

The First Annual Downtown Chicago Tattoo Convention will also include dozens of booths, tables and vendors promoting their products and services. The Classics Promade Company of Chicago is one example. While Whitehall Tat Supply from Princeton, Illinois is another. A random sampling of a few other participating vendors includes Needlejig Tattoo Supply, Mithra Tattoo Supplies, and Fusion Ink.

For many, the non-stop live entertainment will be the most memorable part of the tattoo convention. Beginning at 7pm on Friday, performances will include titles such as ‘Carnival of Curiosity and Chaos’, ‘Live Human Suspension’, and will culminate with the daily ‘Tattoo of the Day’ contest. Other performers throughout the three-day event include Marlo Marquise, Olde City Sideshow, Half Pint Brawlers and the rest of the show’s daily tattoo contest winners.

Contests and Celebrities

There are 17 different tattoo contest categories. Each will award first, second and third place winners with trophies and plaques for the artists. The Tattoo of the Day contest will recognize five winners each day (1st - 5th) but the work must be done on-site at the convention between the time the doors open and the time the entries are judged each night. There is a $10 entry fee.

For those wishing to meet their favorite TV tattoo celebrity, this is your chance. A number of the stars from hit TV shows like Master Ink will be in attendance at the convention. They include Jason Clay Dunn, season 5’s winner, season 5’s runner-up Cleen Rock One, Jim Francis from Ink Master season 4, Amy Nicoletto from LA Ink, and many more.

The First Annual Chicago Downtown Tattoo Arts Convention is organized by Villain Arts. For more information, visit the convention’s website.


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