August 6, 2015

2015 Veggie Fest coming August 15-16

By Mark Wachtler

August 6, 2015. Lisle, IL. (ONN) The 10th annual Veggie Fest is right around the corner. In the beginning, it was referred to as the Chicago Veggie Fest. But the event was so popular, it became unofficially known as the Midwest Veggie Fest. And after outgrowing its traditional fairgrounds in Naperville after nine years, the 2015 event will now be held at a larger venue in suburban Lisle. This is America’s premier summer festival for vegetable lovers and vegetarians alike. 30,000 attended last year. Will you be part of this year’s record-breaking crowd?

The Chicago Veggie Fest has become one of the largest vegetable and vegetarian festivals in North America.


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Your humble author isn’t even a vegetarian, but the annual Veggie Fest held just outside of Chicago each year has always been one of my favorite yearly events. Organizers always make sure the festival is one of the most family-friendly summer gatherings around. In recent years, an entire section of the fairgrounds has been dedicated solely to the kids. Parents are given the tools to prepare healthy meals for their families, not to mention being empowered to decide what kinds of foods their loved ones eat.

Where else can one take a stand against Monsanto and their genetically modified foods, take a stand against animal cruelty and the horrifying manner in which America’s drugged-out livestock are raised and slaughtered, take a stand against the overuse of dangerous, cancer-causing pesticides, take a stand for parents rights, healthy eating, the environment and local farmers? Only at the annual Veggie Fest!

10 years of ever-growing success

Proving that the annual Veggie Fest is as wonderful as it sounds, each year the attendance numbers break the record that was set the previous year. Your author has been proudly reporting on and promoting Veggie Fest for years - right here at the Illinois Herald last year, at our sister publication Whiteout Press the year before, and via our old column in the early years. Two years ago, 25,000 people attended the annual festival. 30,000 last year. And as we always say, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to love vegetables and Veggie Fest.

‘Welcome to our 10th annual Veggie Fest 2015, one of the largest vegetarian food and lifestyle festivals in North America!’ the event’s website announces, ‘Find us this year on the beautiful green lawns of Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. Bring your friends and family, bring your appetite and curiosity, bring your smiles and those dancing feet.’

2015 Veggie Fest, August 15-16

“We’re really excited for the new venue this year,” event organizer Jonathan Kruger tells the Illinois Herald, “It’ll give us even more room to make our tenth-annual Veggie Fest bigger and better than ever.” Just some of the attractions at this year’s Veggie Fest include:

  • A huge international food court
  • Health professionals speaking on diet, lifestyle, and environmental issues
  • Engaging food demos by restaurant owners, chefs, and authors
  • An incredible children's tent with face painting, clowns, and crafts
  • Live music from some of Chicago's best bands
  • Over 100 vendor booths to explore
  • Blood drive and food drive for the local community
  • Free admission and free parking

The Vegetarian Challenge

One of the most popular parts of the annual Veggie Fest is the Vegetarian Challenge, where attendees can, ‘get healthy and help the planet.’ The challenge includes eating a vegetarian diet for two weeks and seeing first-hand the health benefits. “See how good you feel, and how good it tastes,” organizers challenge event-goers.

For those willing to try a vegetarian diet for 14 days, Veggie Fest booths and speakers offer a host of helpful tips, tools and samples. They include vegetarian recipes and meal ideas, a Vegetarian Challenge ‘goodie bag’, and a new vegetarian recipe emailed to you each week, including plenty of encouragement and moral support. Organizers promise the challenge is, “A chance to experience a better way to eat and live for the rest of your life.”

Event details

The 2015 Veggie Fest is being held on August 15 and 16 at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. Live music, food demos, and expert presentations begin at 11:00am each day and go until 8:00pm each night. Like always, admission and parking are free. For more information, call (630) 955-1200 or visit


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