May 29, 2015

Illinois Herald talks Chicago politics on Liberty Radio

May 29, 2015. Tulsa, OK. (ONN) Your humble author and publisher was the featured guest on yesterday’s Liberty Talk Radio broadcast. Host Joe Cristiano and Illinois Herald author/editor Mark Wachtler sat down for the one-hour show to discuss independent politics, media censorship, government corruption and a host of topics. But the discussion repeatedly came back to the rigged election system, especially in Illinois. Watch Mark Wachtler expose the Republicans and Democrats, armed only with 25 years of battle-hardened experience.

Joe Cristiano of Liberty Talk Radio (left) and the Illinois Herald’s Mark Wachtler (right) from yesterday’s broadcast. Image courtesy of Liberty Talk Radio.

(The video of yesterday’s show is included at the end of this article)

First, on behalf of the Illinois Herald, we’d like to thank Joe for inviting us to be on his show. It was both fun and a sincere pleasure. Both Joe Cristiano and Mark Wachtler have similar backgrounds in the form of decades of experience in independent politics and independent media. Like two peas in a pod, it was a non-stop double-barrel blast of grassroots political opposition.

Liberty Talk Radio - May 28, 2015

“Mark has been politically active from a very young age. In fact he campaigned for the Democrat Party and later on for the Republican Party,” Joe Cristiano introduced Wachtler, “And he did this even before he was eligible to vote. He expends his energy today waking up the populace that he feels is awfully asleep to the corruption of our political system.” Joe then went on to ask how Wachtler can write for three different publications when most people have a hard enough time writing for one.

“It all started, believe it or not, back when I was about seventeen years old and back before the days of the internet,” Wachtler recalled, “It was all black and white copy machine newsletters. I’m sure a lot of your old time listeners and viewers are familiar with those days. It all started back then and I’ve been frustrated by the whole blacked-out, censored news that most Americans don’t even realize.”


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Independent and Third Party candidates

As is often the case, the Illinois Herald author/owner went straight to the topic of America’s rigged election system, and how it’s not just the two establishment Parties, but also the corporate media perpetrating the fraud.

“That’s how it started for me,” Wachtler began, “I was volunteering for these reform candidates, these citizen-candidates, these first-time candidates, completely naïve of what they were going up against, especially in my neighborhood. I’m born and raised in Chicago my whole life, so we’re up against the evil Democratic Machine here. So these poor individuals just got destroyed every time. They never won. And the biggest, most frustrating thing about it was just like you saw four years ago with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and all the independent candidates for President. They didn’t get invited to the debates. They didn’t get talked about in the media. They were completely blacked-out. It was like they didn’t even exist.”

Explaining how Wachtler’s Opposition News Network was born - including Whiteout Press, Opposition News and the Illinois Herald, he continues, “So I thought, what’s the best way to solve my frustration and help these people out and break the media black-out? I thought, if they won’t cover the news, I’ll start my own news outlet and cover ‘em. So that’s what I did.”

25-year history in Chicago politics

“I was sixteen when I started for real,” Mark Wachtler told the show host, “I was a Precinct Captain in Chicago. And anyone who lives in Chicago knows, there’s only one Party. So, everybody’s a Democrat. They run everything.” The Illinois Herald author continues, “Right off the bat, I saw how evil, corrupt, violent and ruthless it all is and that was the last I was ever a Democrat in my life, at age seventeen.”

Joe then asked Mark how it is a Chicagoan switches to the Republicans, and what that was like. Wachtler replied, “All these Republicans in Chicago and Cook County were all former Democrats. In fact, they were led by the Cook County Democratic Party Chairman…They were saying, ‘the Machine is corrupt. We can’t be a part of it. We’re turning Republican.’ And I thought, good for you. Let’s try that out. But same thing, they were just as corrupt.”

Rigged election system

Joe moved the topic onto the recent British elections and how there were so many political parties. But unlike America, their third parties were prominently feature on UK television and participated in all the debates, even centrally seated on stage. The Illinois Herald owner took the opportunity to give a couple examples of blatantly unfair election rules in the US that shut independents and opposition parties out of the election system.

“I’ll give you the perfect two examples,” Wachtler began, “If I wanted to run for US Congress in my District right here in Illinois, if I ran as a Democrat or a Republican I would need 500 signatures to get on the ballot. If I ran as an independent, a Libertarian, a Green or anybody else, I would need 20,000 signatures. Same office. Same election. Just different Parties. That’s how rigged it is.”

Mark Wachtler continued with his second example explaining, “Now, to get into the debates, and this goes for the Presidential debates on down to your local dog catcher, they try to apply the same rule. You have to be polling five percent in the polls by major reputable polling agencies to be invited to the debate. But here’s the problem that every one of these candidates point out - You have to be included in the poll to poll anything other than zero. You can’t poll five percent if you’re not listed.”

The Illinois Herald editor then went on to give Chicago a black eye by pointing out that the establishment just used that same trick to shut out the independent candidate for Chicago Mayor, William Walls, only a few months ago. “They did it here,” he told the listening and viewing audience, “There were five candidates and only one was an independent. And I mean a known, staunch independent. Everybody knows, he’s the independent. Guess what? All these major network news agencies had their polls. They only included four of the five candidates. So only four of those five candidates got to debate on Chicago TV. It happens every election right in front of our faces.”

The Party is the government

At one point in the Liberty Talk Radio show, Joe and Mark touched on a subject that Chicagoans have experienced for decades, but the rest of America is only now succumbing to - one Party rule. “The Parties took over. The Parties are the government now,” Wachtler suggested, “People are loyal to the Party, not to America. The Parties have totally taken control. And if you want to run for office, guess what, you’ve got to give in to everything your Party wants or you don’t get to run for office. And once you get elected, you’ve got to sell out to your Party. Or else you won’t get re-elected.”

When the show host asked Mark Wachtler if the system can be fixed, the Illinois Herald author suggested it could, “But I think you have to un-rig the system. If the system was un-rigged, where independents didn’t need 20,000 signatures to run for office when the Dems and Republicans only need 500. Things like that.”

Independents, Libertarians and Greens

Show host Joe Cristiano went on to mention that in his own home state of Oklahoma no longer has a Libertarian Party because the Board of Elections there disqualified most of the Libertarians’ ballot access petitions last election. “They didn’t say which ones,” the host detailed, “They didn’t give it back and say this is a duplicate or this person doesn’t exist. They just said, ‘We don’t buy it, and goodbye.’”

The author of Whiteout Press, Opposition News and the Illinois Herald replied, “Guess who ‘they’ are? You know who’s doing that? Democratic and Republican appointees. They’re Party members. That’s why they’re throwing them out. I’ve seen every trick in the book.”

Giving a recent local example, the Illinois Herald editor documented, “Or like with the Libertarians here in Illinois this last time around. They ended up spending something like $50,000 to fight the Republican challenge, the bogus challenge, to their petitions. They turned in double. They needed something like 25,000 signatures to get their full slate on. They turned in 50,000 signatures. And the Republicans still fought it.”

Wachtler went on to explain, “If it wasn’t for the Libertarians begging for help, you know, ‘We’ve got to get down to Springfield to the capitol. Who’s got cars? We need to be there within twelve hours.’ It was the craziest thing. But they did it. The Green Party did the exact same thing, but the Green Party in Illinois didn’t have the resources to fight it. So they just gave in. None of the Greens were on the ballot this time around. The Libertarians were. But that’s because they exhausted every single penny they had, including all the donations they got throughout the campaign. And then by the time they won their challenge, guess what? There was three weeks left in the election and they didn’t have a penny.”

Liberty Talk Radio’s Joe Cristiano and Illinois Herald’s Mark Wachtler discussed other topics during the one-hour televised radio show, including the city and state’s infamous pension debt. But the above were the portions that touched on the more passionate issues. Watch the full show right here via YouTube. And be sure to check out Liberty Talk Radio, available online, every Monday and Thursday at 8am CST.



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