April 19, 2015

IL Greens celebrate 3 Election Victories

By Mark Wachtler

April 19, 2015. Galesburg, IL. (ONN) While most local municipalities have yet to officially certify the results of last week’s local Elections, the Illinois Green Party isn’t waiting. They’re celebrating the election victories of three of their candidates, including one City Council seat and one successful write-in candidacy. This raises the total number of Green Party elected officials in Illinois to nine. And as local Party leaders proclaimed this week - today Galesburg, next year Springfield.

Peter Schwartzman won re-election to the Galesburg, IL City Council on April 7th. Image courtesy of CentralIllinoisProud.com.

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‘Three Illinois Green Party members were elected to local office in this year’s municipal elections,’ an Illinois Green Party announcement celebrated, ‘In the City of Galesburg, Alderman Peter Schwartzman earned a second term over challenger Ted Hoffman for the seat in Ward 5. In Warrenville, Steve Alesch was also re-elected to a second term as a Warrenville Park District Commissioner. And in Plano, in a rare win for a write-in candidate, Adrian Frost won a seat on the Plano Library Board.’

Peter Schwartzman - Galesburg City Council

The most impressive win for Illinois Greens on April 7th was the re-election of incumbent Alderman Peter Schwartzman for the Galesburg City Council. As detailed by the Galesburg city website, the sitting Green Party Councilman received 55% of the vote to his opponent’s 45%. Schwartzman also serves as associate professor at Knox College and Chair of its Environmental Studies program.

Also touted in the Green Party announcement was an accomplishment Peter Schwartzman earned that most independent and opposition party candidates rarely receive - the endorsement of the local media outlet. The Galesburg Register-Mail not only endorsed Schwartzman for re-election, the publication wrote, ‘He lists as one of his top accomplishments helping educate the community about energy consolidation, which led to a referendum passing and a savings to residents of about $2 million over 18 months. Our sources say he was instrumental in getting the information to the public.’

Jill Stein coming to Illinois

Dr. Jill Stein, the 2012 Green Party nominee for US President, was in Illinois yesterday. The popular activist for the environment and free and fair elections was the keynote speaker at the Green Party of Illinois’ membership drive and fundraiser in Champaign-Urbana, home of the University of Illinois. Stein broke the media black-out of her Presidential campaign in 2012 when the small, soft-spoken, 64-year-old Green Party leader was arrested for crashing the televised Presidential debates. Both she and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson were excluded from the important event.

In announcing her visit to Illinois, the Party reminds members and supporters, ‘Dr. Jill Stein was born in Chicago and raised in suburban Highland Park, Illinois. She is a mother, physician, longtime teacher of internal medicine, and pioneering environmental-health advocate…Besides serving as its most recent presidential candidate, she has been a tireless advocate and spokesperson for the Green Party. She has helped lead initiatives promoting healthy communities, local green economies and stronger democracy.’

One of the biggest questions Jill Stein is sure to be asked is, will she be a candidate for US President again in 2016. The 2012 Green nominee hasn’t officially announced her candidacy, but she has formed a 2016 Presidential Exploratory Committee.  In addition to the presence of Dr. Stein, Illinois Greens will take care of annual Party business at this weekend’s meeting. The Illinois Greens will elect a new Executive Committee and attend workshops on various subjects including campaigning, fundraising, last week’s Election, and 2016 Party priorities.

For more information, visit the Green Party of Illinois.



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