April 2, 2015

Finally, some Good News for the College of DuPage

By Paul Clark

April 2, 2015. Glen Ellyn, IL. (ONN) It seems to me that we are hearing about a new scandal rocking the College of DuPage every time we open a browser window these days.  It’s certainly a hot topic, and justifiably so. What is the big deal and why should we, the taxpayers of Illinois, be so upset by what’s going on? I know that I, for one, am incredibly indignant, and here’s why.

Claire Ball, candidate for College of DuPage Board of Trustees. Image courtesy of ClaireBallForIllinois.com.


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Dr. Robert Brueder, President of the College of DuPage, has stated that his wish for the school is for it to run like a business. But in the real world, the financial losses that have been sustained over the last few years would have brought about a significant change long before now. There is a high-end restaurant disguised as a learning center for students that seems to get a large portion of its patronage from the school Board itself.

Legacy of waste, theft and abuse

An on-site hotel (learning center?) that runs in the red, year after year. Taxpayer-funded liquor bills reminiscent of the John Belushi movie Animal House. No-bid contracts awarded to a few well-connected Foundation Board members. A golden parachute retirement deal for Dr. Brueder that would make Wall Street executives blush. And a member of the Board of Trustees that had the unmitigated gall to compare the questioning of her judgment to persecution from the Nazi Party.

This is the legacy that Dr. Brueder has brought to the College of DuPage and now he wants $760,000 to take an early retirement. And what’s worse is the Board of Trustees readily handed it to him. Any single one of these issues is enough to warrant a change in the Board of Trustees. These people, after all, are charged to represent the people of DuPage County and account for how their money is spent.

They have betrayed the trust of the taxpayers and their consistent response is attempted cover-ups. My favorite is their retroactive vote in favor of hiring a PR firm that is already on the job and working. So, what’s to be done with a group of elected officials who show such disdain for the people they are tasked with representing? Thankfully, there’s an election coming up.

Election April 7th - Claire Ball for CoD Trustee

Three seats on the College of DuPage Board of Trustees are up for grabs in the Election to be held on Tuesday, April 7th. You have a voice in this. Go, make it heard and see if you can shake up this complacent Board. I would suggest that a key agent for change is Claire Ball, candidate for the CoD Board of Trustees. For the record, the Illinois Herald officially endorsed Claire Ball for Trustee back in January.

As a libertarian, I believe in fiscal responsibility and strong accountability from the people responsible for handling our tax dollars. From an economic standpoint, this is a very finite resource and should be handled with precision and principle. I believe that Claire shares that belief.

With a Master’s degree in Accounting and private sector finance experience, I believe she will bring a business sense to the Board that is sorely lacking. This will help refine the Trustees’ views on fiscal responsibility and pave the way for a self sufficient organization that relies less and less on the tax money of the people of Illinois.

With our elected officials in Springfield proposing an additional $100 billion in taxes from an already overtaxed citizenry, this should be a welcome concept. And who knows, she might actually help realize Dr. Brueder’s vision of seeing the CoD run like a business. Isn’t it time to have someone with real world experience help to create the policies that can make that happen?

As a fellow libertarian she brings to the table a belief in integrity and responsibility. Not just to the Board, but to the school, the community, and the people of Illinois. An ethical stand is something that the people of Illinois deserve, even if we’ve lost faith that it’s possible. Well, I can tell you from my personal dealings with Claire, it is possible.

Right about now you are probably wondering, why should you take my word for it? You shouldn’t. What you should do is visit her website at ClaireBallForIllinois.com and you should attend one of the many events she has coming up. You should talk with Claire and listen to what she has to say. I’m confident that you will see what I see in her - the logical choice for Board of Trustees for the College of DuPage.


Paul Clark is the Secretary of the Will County Libertarian Party. He is a past County Chairman and currently an author and journalist covering libertarian causes and issues. Readers can interact with Paul and the Will County Libertarian Party at their Facebook Page.


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