June 3, 2015

Anonymous and Parents to protest DCFS-CPS June 5th

By Mark Wachtler

June 3, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) An unlikely duo have teamed up for a worthy cause - protesting the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent child confiscations by the Department of Child Protective Services. Both victimized parents and the hacktivists from Anonymous have launched Operation Expose CPS. The peaceful protest culminates with a march this Friday in cities across America, including Chicago. Demonstrators insist that what used to be a last resort to protect innocent kids has become a multi-billion-dollar profit center, and they’re going to expose it.

Chicago parents will protest child trafficking by DCFS-CPS outside the Daley Center this Friday. Image courtesy of Whiteout Press.

Did you know that family court judges around the country are required by state guidelines to rule in favor of the state over the parents regardless of the evidence? That makes it all but impossible for wrongly victimized parents to ever get their children back once confiscated into the dark world of the Dept of Health and Human Services. And once there, they are often medicated with drugs, abused for real, and lost by the government.

According to thousands of wrongly victimized parents - as well as a murdered State Senator, her murdered husband and her murdered videographer - it’s for the financial gain of for-profit charities springing up across the country to house the ever-growing horde of confiscated children, for a large fee of course. And for the massive army of government bureaucrats, it’s often nothing more than the drunken power of state caseworkers who know they are above the law.

Blacked-out, censored and ignored

Illinois Herald’s sister publication Whiteout Press has spent over a year publicizing the heart-breaking stories of individual parents, grandparents and families who’ve had their children wrongly confiscated by Child Protective Services. Here are just a few quotes, each from a different desperate parent or grandparent asking us for help (from 10 more Desperate Letters from Parents - “CPS stole my Kids”):


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“I can’t begin to tell you the grief and outrage I am feeling not being able to see my grandson and having to see his mother destroyed in every way a woman can be.”

“In my case, a child was seized by a state agency through fraud that continued because there was no intervention by any power that could have stopped it.”

“Now our four sons are living without their real mom, dad and each other, including their big sister and little brother. All so CPS could make money to keep their jobs. Three of our sons are in strangers’ homes waiting to come home. Child Protective Service has lost our fourth son, not even the judge can find out where he is or if he is safe.”

“The system is flawed. CPS has no proof, no reason and no evidence. We are leaving it all in the hands of God, it’s his strength that has carried us this far. We ask that you pray for our family. We are innocent and are willing do whatever it takes to prove it.”

“The majority of these cases were never intended to keep children from their parents for more than 24 hours but the hours are turning into days, then weeks, then months and then years and this has to stop.”

“Our system is definitely broke and so corrupt. When CPS was asked what proof they have, they replied, “We are CPS, we don’t need proof.” I will continue to pray and hope justice is served in this matter involving my family.”

Readers get the idea. The Whiteout Press side of our tiny grassroots publishing empire gets roughly three letters per week from wrongly victimized parents and grandparents like the ones above. Apparently we’re not the only ones that have seen the massive and widespread corruption and injustice throughout the Dept of Child Services. The famed hacker collective Anonymous has joined the effort and launched Operation Expose CPS.


This past February, Anonymous released a video announcement declaring the start of Operation Expose CPS. As detailed by Whiteout Press at the time, the mysterious video began, “Greetings world. We are Anonymous. For far too long, the authorities in America have ignored the rampant child abuse deeply embedded in the child protection agencies.” It goes on to add, “The CPS-DHHS system in the United States has never been investigated as a whole. Meanwhile, we continue to pass more and more laws to not only protect the system, but to give more and more incentive for children to be abducted into the system.”

Unlike many Anonymous operations, this one doesn’t call for any illegal hacking, defacing of government websites, or even naming CPS caseworkers by name. Instead, a campaign has been waging for the past three months calling on the Justice Department and the FBI to investigate the thousands of claims of corruption and kidnapping by DCFS employees. The operation concludes on June 5th with a massive flood of calls, emails and faxes to the DoJ and FBI as well as protest marches in cities across America.

The Anonymous #OpExposeCPS announcement concludes with a warning, “If the FBI refuses to perform an open investigation on CPS-DHHS, we will brand not only the FBI but other agencies who refuse to investigate such as the DoJ and AG offices, as supporters of the child trafficking ring and they can sink on the ship of child abuse together. We have all sat by for far too long waiting for something to be done.” Read ‘Anonymous launches Operation Expose CPS’ for more information.

Chicago protest

83 cities across the United States will see their own street protests against DCFS-CPS this Friday, including Chicago. Undoubtedly, just like last weekend’s worldwide March Against Monsanto in cities across the US, the protests will be blacked-out by the American media. But showing the plague of kidnapping by state caseworkers isn’t isolated to the United States, 25 cities across 9 countries will also host demonstrations.

Here in Chicago, protesters will be marching Friday outside the Daley Center at 50 W. Washington at 12:00 noon. According to the protest’s Chicago Facebook page, ‘Anonymous has called for an international day of protest. In solidarity with brothers and sisters fighting for parental rights around the world, we will expose the corruption within CPS; as well as the corruption in the FBI, DOJ, and other government agencies that protect them.’

Among the objectives listed on the site are, ‘Full FBI investigation of CPS/family courts’, ‘The passing of the Parental Rights Amendment’, ‘Transparency in Family Court’ and ‘Legal Accountability of CPS’. There are also sporadic reminders that this protest isn’t about child-abusing parents who lost their kids. It’s about an entire industry that has manifested over the past decade with the sole purpose of taking children away from good parents for no reason other than financial profit.

One often-cited statistic is that five kids die each day while in the custody of Child Protective Services. Another fact is that only a few years ago, Cook County DCFS was forced to admit they lost over 50,000 children they removed from parents. And don’t forget, State Senator Nancy Schaefer, her husband and her videographer were all murdered after calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate the Department of Health and Human Services for human trafficking over the epidemic of unwarranted child removals.

For more information, visit the Chicago OpExposeCPS Facebook page and read the article from our sister publication Whiteout Press, ’10 more Desperate Letters from Parents – “CPS stole my Kids”’.


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