June 18, 2015

Administer Justice holding Fundraiser June 25th

By Mark Wachtler

June 18, 2015. Elgin. (ONN) Right on the heels of earning the highest possible ranking from Charity Navigator - four stars - Elgin based Administer Justice will be holding its annual fundraiser next week. Anyone who’s ever been helpless, desperate and scared knows that government agencies, while helpful to many, aren’t there for everyone. And for those that slip through the cracks, they aren’t there at all. That’s why legal aid charities like Administer Justice are so desperately needed.

Administer Justice will be holding its 15th anniversary fundraiser on June 25th in Elgin, IL.


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What is Administer Justice?

Administer Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legal aid charity serving the needs of low-income and no-income individuals. ‘Our clients come to us because they have a civil matter for which they need guidance and possibly representation in court,’ the Administer Justice website explains, ‘Some are spouses needing to escape the abuse of their partner, whether physical or emotional. Some are single parents unable to support their children because their spouse walked away from their responsibility. We see elderly clients who have been victims of fraud by contractors taking advantage of their vulnerability on home repairs. We see people who lost what little they had to predatory lenders charging up to 300% interest on loans that could never be repaid under those rates. We deal with landlord/tenant situations, contract disputes, custody enforcement, and many other civil issues for which our clients would have had no hope of resolving without the intercession of a legal advocate.’

The site goes on to say, ‘More than 4,300 of the poor in need of legal help are turned away every working day in the United States. While those who commit criminal fraud or abuse in this country are entitled to a free lawyer, their victims have no such entitlement.’

‘Without our services,’ the volunteer lawyers explain, ‘Some would have ended up homeless. Some would have lost their children. Some would have plunged even deeper into debt or poverty. These options are unacceptable in a country that stands on a foundation of justice for ALL, and yet sits dead last out of the world’s top 36 developed countries in providing its citizens with access to justice, according to a recently-released Rule of Law Index.’

A real charity for real people

To give readers a sense of how many actual people Administer Justice in Elgin helps, in 2014 the organization provided legal services to 4,300 individuals and mentored and additional 21,914 more. That’s an exponential increase since we first began writing about them in 2010. Thanks to the help and donations of regular people like you and me, the organization has grown from a couple volunteer lawyers helping a couple hundred people to an army of volunteer attorneys helping thousands of people each year.

Proving that Administer Justice is a charity one can be proud to contribute to, the charity watchdog Charity Navigator recently continued its highest ranking of the Elgin non-profit at four out of four stars. Even more impressive, the ranking confirms that Administer Justice spends just 1.6% of its finances on overhead and only 1.9% on fundraising. A full 96.5% of donations go directly to pay for the help and services the Christian-based non-profit provides to those in need.

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15th anniversary fundraiser

On June 25th, Administer Justice will be holding its annual fundraiser. It’s the one time of year they need people to step up and help them, so they can continue helping others. This year, the event will be a double-concert featuring K-LOVE’s female artist of the year nominee PLUMB and Elgin’s own Citizen Way. The venue is the Hemmens Cultural Center - 45 Symphony Way - Elgin, Illinois.

“It has been a privilege for our organization to serve those in poverty for the past 15 years,” Administer Justice Executive Director Eric Nelson explains, “We are grateful for the many volunteers, including hundreds of attorneys who have given their time and talent to advocate for the most vulnerable in our community. We invite everyone to join us at this special event to celebrate justice for all.”

The concert fundraiser on June 25th begins at 6:00pm when VIP doors open, VIP tickets are $50 and include pictures with the artists. General admission doors open at 6:30pm with tickets available for $20. Children 12 and under are only $15. Limited refreshments will be available.

For more information, visit AdministerJustice.org.



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