February 7, 2015

IL Libertarians make 2015 Election Endorsements

By Mark Wachtler

February 7, 2015. Lemont, IL. (ONN) The Libertarian Party of Illinois has announced its endorsements for various 2015 local municipal elections. Two Libertarian incumbent elected officials are also up for re-election. The endorsements cover a handful of offices in the suburbs and collar counties. But none for Chicago Mayor or any of the city’s 50 City Council races. Heading the Libertarian slate is Claire Ball, candidate for Board of Trustees at the scandal-plagued College of DuPage.

Claire Ball, candidate for College of DuPage Board of Trustees, endorsed by the IL Libertarians and the Illinois Herald.


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The announcement from the Illinois Libertarians begins, ‘The Libertarian Party of Illinois announces the following individuals as officially endorsed candidates under the Libertarian banner in the 2015 Illinois Spring elections.’ Topping the list are two Libertarians who are also incumbent office holders:

  • Kathy Kelly – Rock Valley Community College Board Trustee
  • Steve Hellin – O’Fallon District 90 School Board President

Eight other Libertarian-endorsed candidates for the upcoming 2015 local elections are:

  • Claire Ball – College of DuPage Board of Trustees
  • Jasen Howard – Village of New Lenox Board of Trustees
  • Chris Hicks – Village of Sawyerville Board of Trustees
  • Aaron Merreighn – Village of Riverton Board of Trustees
  • Chris Russell – Village of Fox River Grove Board of Trustees
  • Brandon Damm – Springfield Metropolitan Expo and Auditorium Authority
  • Marcia Powell – Prairieview-Ogden Consolidated School Board
  • Dave Priefe – Waukegan School Board

State Chair comments

Libertarian Party of Illinois state chair Lex Green issued the following statement with the Party’s endorsements. “The direction in which we are headed in Illinois is of grave concern to residents throughout the state, and one of the most immediately effective means to changing that direction is by running as and voting for responsible candidates in local elections,” he said, “These ten recognize that, to protect and restore freedom and integrity in the world, the best place to start is often your own backyard.”

The Libertarian state chair went on to comment, “We can improve our neighborhoods, cities, counties and local districts. Get involved, stop the endless electing of career politicians, and put into office your neighbors, real people who share your real concerns. With this in mind, we look forward to the coming spring with all the confidence that our candidates will shake up the status quo of local authority in Illinois.”

Visit the Libertarian Party of Illinois to read the full announcement. For more information, visit LPIllinois.org.



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