January 9, 2015

Emanuel targets Chicago’s favorite Alderman

By Mark Wachtler

January 9, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) When polls showed Miriam Santos could defeat Mayor Daley, the Chicago Democratic Machine had her put in prison. When more recent observations showed that 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack was the most popular City Councilman and could beat Mayor Emanuel, the Mayor’s Super PAC was called into action to remove one of the only examples of honesty and credibility in Chicago’s nationally embarrassing City Council. Now, progressives, independents and corruption-busters alike are rallying to Waguespack’s side.

32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack speaks to the Independent Voters of Illinois. Image courtesy of IVI-IPO.

Ald. Scott Waguespack - 32nd Ward

If Alderman Scott Waguespack goes down, Chicago’s entire anti-corruption, reform movement may go down with him. That’s how important that one man is to the future of the Windy City and the people who call it home. For two Election cycles, his supporters from across the city have urged 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack to run for Mayor. But each time he has declined, opting instead to represent his north side Ward. Now, it appears Chicago’s Mayor has turned the tables and is running against Waguespack.

According to Chicago Magazine, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has never lost a vote in the Chicago City Council. In fact, the city’s Aldermen have a 93% ‘rubber stamp’ rate of voting the way the Mayor tells them to. One of the only few with enough courage, independence and intelligence to vote against the powerful Washington-Wall Street icon who went from Congress to the White House to Wall Street back to the White House and now to Chicago Mayor - is Alderman Scott Waguespack.

Parking Meter Scam

The 32nd Ward Alderman earned the respect and appreciation of the whole city over the now-notorious ‘Parking Meter Scam’. Alderman Waguespack withstood the criticism and retribution of Wall Street banks and City Hall attack dogs by being one of the only City Council members to publicly oppose and vote against the 75-year lease in which generations of Chicago taxes were handed over to Wall Street’s Morgan Stanley in exchange for pennies on the dollar today.


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With the secret deal’s contract hidden from the City Council, the Mayor gave Aldermen only 24 hours to read, study and vote for the Ordinance. Alderman Waguespack warned Chicago against the deal and was one of only 5 Chicago Aldermen with the courage, foresight and independence to cast a 'No' vote.

Waguespack’s courageous vote against the 75-year parking meter deal was only one of a long line of No votes in failed attempts to stop the Daley-Emanuel City Halls from selling off the city’s assets and future income for pennies on the dollar. The 32nd Ward Alderman has never failed to side with the people of Chicago and he’s been proven right time and time again while City Hall has been proven either incompetently wrong or blatantly dishonest.

Emanuel targets Waguespack

As detailed by the Chicago Sun Times two days ago, ‘In a costly direct-mail piece going out this week, “Chicago Forward” is targeting Waguespack for casting one of four “no” votes against a 2015 budget that raised the city’s parking tax again.’ Chicago Forward is the multi-million-dollar Super PAC created for the sole purpose of re-electing Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his City Council allies. The PAC’s Chairman and CEO is Becky Carroll.

As detailed on her Linkedin profile, Becky Carroll served as Deputy Chief of Staff for now-imprisoned Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich from 2003-2007. Today, she’s serving as chief attack-dog for Rahm Emanuel. And her first target is the man that has been a thorn in the side of every crooked politician in Chicago since he entered politics - 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack.

As quoted by the Sun Times, Carroll seems to concede that the city withholds services from the 32nd Ward - a longtime tactic of the notorious Chicago Democratic Machine to punish residents for electing an honest Alderman. “You can’t, on one hand, refuse to support a budget that doubles funding to fix unfilled potholes and then, a month later, berate the city for failing to do so,” she told the publication, “Especially when your Ward has one of the highest rates of unfilled potholes in the city.”

Waguespack fires back

The Ward’s popular Alderman, Scott Waguespack, says his Ward’s been forced to supplement its funding with state and federal money to get basic city services like pothole repair. Some might think it’s nothing short of despicable to risk the lives of countless innocent motorists in a vain attempt to eliminate 5 of 50 Aldermen who won’t unconditionally vote for whatever the Mayor tells them to. But this is Chicago and that’s unfortunately how things are done.

For his part, Alderman Waguespack has a simple explanation for his ‘No’ vote on Mayor Emanuel’s budget. He explains that the Mayor is throwing away money in Daley-like band-aid fixes rather than actually fixing the real problems the city is facing. For example, the Mayor’s budget increases spending on police by millions of dollars but doesn’t seem to add a single new police officer to the force. Waguespack argues that for the same money the taxpayers are paying one cop in double or triple overtime, the city could hire two or three police officers. Three police officers for the price of one? Seems pretty simple, just not to Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his Super PAC.

To be blunt, Chicago needs Alderman Scott Waguespack on the City Council. The unapologetically honest lifelong north side resident has been proven right time and time again while City Hall and the prevailing Machine Aldermen have been proven wrong. If anything, the people of Chicago need more City Councilmen like Scott Waguespack, not less of them.

The Illinois Herald proudly, passionately and energetically endorses Alderman Scott Waguespack for another term as Alderman of Chicago’s 32nd Ward. For more information, visit ScottForChicago.com.



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