January 6, 2015

Chicago Mayor Candidates finalized at 5, Aldermanic recap

By Mark Wachtler

January 6, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) The Chicago Board of Elections updated its list of official Aldermanic and Mayoral candidates yesterday and the crowded field for Mayor has dwindled from 10 hopefuls down to 5. In the races for the city’s 50 City Council seats, the BoE trimmed the overall field by 53, leaving 165 guaranteed candidates for Alderman, with 33 challenges still pending. A quick glimpse down the ballot shows who’s in and who’s out.

Protesters picket outside the office of 40th Ward Alderman Pat O’Connor. The powerful Daley-Emanuel ‘floor leader’ is one of two incumbents still fighting off challenges to their nominating petitions. Image courtesy of ActionNow.org.

According to the Chicago Board of Elections website, the February 24, 2015 municipal Election ballot has been trimmed, and in the race for Mayor, cut in half. In Chicago’s 50 Aldermanic contests, 15 candidates voluntarily withdrew, 38 were removed by the BoE, 33 challenges are still pending, and 165 candidates have successfully maneuvered the ballot access mine field and will see their names on next month’s Election ballot.

Chicago Mayor

In the race for Chicago Mayor; Frederick Collins, Amara Enyia and Gerald Sconyers all withdrew. Fenton Patterson and Robert Shaw were removed. And the final 5 Mayoral candidates are:

  • Rahm Emanuel
  • Willie Wilson
  • Robert “Bob” Fioretti
  • Jesus “Chuy” Garcia
  • William “Dock” Walls III

Chicago City Council

After quickly glancing at the remaining candidate field for Chicago’s 50 Aldermanic seats, a few Ward races stand out. Some Aldermen are facing a crowd of challengers. Some are running unopposed. Some had all their opponents thrown off the ballot. And two powerful Chicago Aldermen are still stuck in challenges to their ballot access petition signatures.

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2nd Ward

In the 2nd Ward, all 6 hopefuls will be included on the ballot. They include; Niketopoulos, Buenrostro, Hopkins, Pattison, Wilson, and Pfingsten.

3rd Ward

In the 3rd Ward, incumbent Pat Dowell has seen challenger Clarence Clemons removed, with a petition challenge to the only other potential opponent, Patricia Horton, still pending.

5th Ward

In the 5th Ward, incumbent Leslie Hairston will face no less than 4 challengers, possibly 5. They include; Brooks, Hare, Clark, and Miles, with a petition challenge to Jedidiah Brown still pending.

7th Ward

In the 7th Ward, the list of candidates is almost too long to fit on one page. 16 Aldermanic hopefuls filed ballot access petitions. 2 withdrew. 2 more have been removed. 7 candidates have been finalized, but they don’t include the current Alderman. Incumbent Natashia Holmes is one of 4 candidates whose petitions are currently still being challenged. The candidates who are sure to appear on the ballot include; Moseley II, Mitchell, Curry, Barrett, Digby, Riley, and Reid.

10th Ward

In the 10th Ward, all 7 candidates survived unchallenged with 6 opponents attempting to unseat incumbent John Pope. The ballot will include; Pope, Garza, Martinez Jr., Corona, Webb, Bautista, and Huizar.

12th Ward

12th Ward Alderman George Cardenas may go unchallenged in next month’s Election. His only opponent is still in the midst of a challenge to his ballot petitions. The two candidates are Cardenas and Peter Demay.

13th Ward

In the 13th Ward, Alderman Marty Quinn is running unopposed after having no challengers.

14th Ward

14th Ward Alderman Edward Burke is also running unopposed after having no challengers.

15th Ward

Filing to fill the 15th Ward City Council seat were 9 candidates. 2 have been removed. 2 are currently being challenged. And 5 are securely set to appear on next month’s ballot. They include; Mondragon, Lopez, Yanez, Daniels, and Davis Jr.

18th Ward

In the 18th Ward, incumbent Lona Lane will face at least 4 challengers, possibly 7. 3 candidates still have their ballot petitions pending, while 5 candidates are sure to be on the ballot. They include; Lane, Curtis, Davis, Onyezia, and Harris.

21st Ward

Corruption-plagued 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins will face no less than 5 challengers, possibly 7. The candidates already approved for next month’s ballot include; Brookins, McNeil, Baker, Brooks, Foster, and Lewis. 2 candidates are still fighting petition challenges.

24th Ward

In the 24th Ward, retiring Alderman Michael Chandler originally faced 13 potential challengers before he withdrew his candidacy. 1 other has withdrawn and 1 has been removed so far. 1 candidate is still fighting off a ballot challenge. At least 9 Aldermanic hopefuls will be on the ballot. They include; Bass, Lewis, Johnson, Harris, Washington, Boyce, Curtis, Nelson, and Scott Jr.

27th Ward

27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett Jr. may run unopposed. His only challenger, Gabe Beukinga, is still fighting off a petition challenge.

28th Ward

28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin is said to be waging a ‘scorched Earth’ campaign in removing any opposition from the ballot. He originally faced 7 challengers. 1 has withdrawn. 4 have already been removed. And the final 2 potential opponents are still fighting off petition challenges. If they are removed, Ervin will run unopposed.

29th Ward

The crowded 29th Ward race will see at least 6 challengers to incumbent Deborah Graham, possibly 7. 4 candidates have already withdrawn and 1 is still fighting a petition challenge. The candidates guaranteed to appear on the ballot include; Graham, Andolino, Galhotra, Taliaferro, Walls, Smith, and Johnson.

30th Ward

30th Ward Alderman Ariel Reboyras will also run unopposed after both of his 2 challengers’ campaigns ended. 1 was removed from the ballot while the other withdrew.

38th Ward

For the 38th Ward’s open seat, at least 5 candidates will appear on the ballot, possibly 7. 2 candidates had their names removed while 2 are currently being challenged. The hopefuls guaranteed to appear on next month’s ballot include; current 36th Ward Alderman Nick Sposato, Caravette, Sattler, Hernandez, and Cadiz.

40th Ward

In the 40th Ward, the normal setting has been reversed. Alderman Patrick O’Connor is facing only 1 challenger. But it’s the challenger, Dianne Daleiden, who is guaranteed a spot on next month’s ballot. O’Connor is currently facing a petition challenge.

42nd Ward

42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly is running unopposed having no challengers.

48th Ward

48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman will also run unopposed having no challengers.

49th Ward

In the 49th Ward, the field was whittled from 6 candidates down to 2. After 4 candidates had their names removed from the ballot, only Don Gordon remains to face incumbent Joe Moore.

In city-wide races, the theme is similar. City Clerk Susana Mendoza had her only challenger removed from the ballot and is now running unopposed. Kurt Summers is also running unopposed for City Treasurer after seeing no challengers file to run.

See yesterday’s updated listing from the Chicago Board of Elections for the full February ballot.


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