November 3, 2014

There’s Magic at Stage 773 in Chicago

By Mark Wachtler

November 3, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) Normally, our friends at Stage 773 theater company on Chicago’s north side offer their audiences some of the funniest live stage comedy in America. But on the first Wednesday of every month, there’s magic at Stage 773. Featuring three of the country’s most accomplished magicians, the monthly show is a mix of mind-blowing tricks and knee-slapping laughs. Performances by Joshua Lozoff, Walter King, Jr. and Nick Roy.

Magic Chicago at Stage 773 on the first Wednesday of every month. Image courtesy of

First Wednesday every month

The theater company’s website describes the three magicians as, ‘performing acts of wonder and amazement.’ The show ‘Magic Chicago’ is scheduled on the first Wednesday night of every month at Stage 773. Tickets are $25. The monthly performance features magicians Joshua Lozoff, Walter King Jr., and Nick Roy.

Joshua Lozoff is an accomplished actor and acclaimed magician. He has appeared on the television show Cheers, and movies Clueless and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Joshua regularly performs in theaters and other performing arts venues throughout the United States, and internationally in Japan, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Walter King Jr., known as the Spellbinder, excites and captivates audiences across the country. The Spellbinder has performed for stars Bill Cosby, Gladys Knight, Jennifer Hudson and The Temptations. He also has performed on stages in Las Vegas and has vast experience and training in theater, film and special effects.

Nick Roy’s interest in magic started at the age of 8 when he received his first magic set for Christmas. By the age of 10, he and a friend built a folding stage and put together their first act. Now with over 17 years of experience, whether it’s performing at corporate events, college campuses, private engagements, or doing some old-school street magic, he’s combined his magic and improv experiences into a truly one of a kind act that leaves people talking about for years to come.

Sweeney Todd - final week

For theater-goers who would enjoy a, ‘spine-chilling musical masterpiece of obsession, retribution and culinary curiosity,’ then be sure to catch the show Sweeney Todd during its final week. As detailed by the Stage 773 website, ‘Porchlight Music Theatre presents Sweeney Todd - Torn from his family and exiled for 15 years on a miscarriage of justice, London barber Sweeney Todd returns home to a city as corrupt as when he left. He soon discovers the agonizing fate of his wife and daughter and, hell-bent on revenge, takes up his razors to dish out a brutal recipe of justice.’

The show only runs until November 9th. Tickets are $45 and according to the theater critics at Chicago’s major newspapers, the show is well worth it. ‘Porchlight brings fresh clarity to Sweeney Todd,’ wrote the Chicago Sun Times. The Chicago Tribune gave the show three stars and featured it as one of the paper’s Critic’s Picks. The Daily Herald called the performance, ‘Fresh, invigorating and inventively staged…Sweeney is well acted and impressively sung.’

Many more shows

Magic Chicago and Sweeney Todd aren’t the only shows currently running at Stage 773. Just some of the other offerings include the longest-running musical comedy in Chicago - Cupid Has A Heart On. Irreverent, raunchy, cynical, and touching, Cupid Has a Heart On is a wickedly well-written musical comedy that has been making audiences belly laugh since 2002. Tickets are $22 and the show runs every Saturday night at 8pm.

This is also audiences’ last chance to see Musical of the Living Dead. Finishing its final run on stage this week, the show has been so popular it’s made five separate Chicago tours. Musical of the Living Dead, ‘takes audiences on a rip-roaring journey beyond the grave with its satirical send-ups of classic zombie films and musical theater. The curtain opens on 10 survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse, trapped in a farmhouse and willing to try anything to escape.’ This is the performance’s final week, so act fast to buy tickets.

Stage 773 is located at 1225 W. Belmont on Chicago’s north side. For more information about tickets, the above shows or any of the other shows and classes offered at Stage 773, visit their website at or call (773) 327-5252.



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