October 18, 2014

No Endorsement in Race for Illinois Governor

By Mark Wachtler

October 18, 2014. Springfield. (ONN) In the race for Illinois Governor, the three candidates couldn’t be more different. The Democrat is a former independent who now supports organized labor and the Chicago Machine. The Republican got rich outsourcing American jobs and his acts of intimidation against independents this election is unforgivable. The Libertarian is a tantalizing young underdog who we would love to endorse. But due to a lack of information or a response from the candidate’s campaign, we can’t. Therefore, the Illinois Herald makes no endorsement in the race for Illinois Governor.

Chad Grimm, Libertarian candidate for Illinois Governor.

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Candidates for Illinois Governor

Most Illinois voters believe there are only two candidates for Illinois Governor this election. And that’s no accident. In reality, there are three including Libertarian Chad Grimm. And in all fairness to the state’s Green Party and Constitution Party, there should have been five candidates this November. But Illinois Republicans kicked the Constitution Party’s Michael Oberline off the ballot. And Illinois Democrats kicked the Green’s Scott Summers off the ballot. For the record, Summers has registered as an official write-in candidate. So if voters want to write in the Green Party’s Scott Summers for Governor, the votes will count.

Governor Pat Quinn (D) (incumbent)

The incumbent Governor of Illinois is Democrat Pat Quinn. Historically an independent-Democrat who rose through the ranks as a consumer advocate and the founder of the Citizens Utility Board, Quinn seems to have sold his political soul to the government employees unions and even the notorious Chicago Democratic Machine. No-bid contracts to politically-connected and criminally convicted firms, and tens of millions of dollars in undocumented payments to Chicago Ward bosses under the guise of an anti-violence program, have tainted the current Illinois Governor. And don’t even get us started on his pro-taxes anti-business platform.

Billionaire Bruce Rauner (R)

Illustrating one of the many faults of the Republican nominee from the Wall Street wing of the GOP, nobody knows if Bruce Rauner is a billionaire or simply a near-billionaire. Due to his multiple off-shore bank accounts, it’s impossible to tell. But we do know there are dozens of victims out there professing to have been terrorized by threats of violence, and in the case of countless Libertarian voters, armed thugs at their homes terrorizing them, all in the name of Bruce Rauner. And don’t even get us started on his track record of blatant lies throughout his campaign ads.

Underdog Chad Grimm (L)

That brings us to the third of three candidates appearing on the November General Election ballot in Illinois - Chad Grimm. The Libertarian nominee first had to collect tens of thousands of ballot access petition signatures, then survive an all out effort by the state’s Republicans to knock him off the ballot. And for what it’s worth, while the Illinois Herald cannot officially endorse any of the above candidates, your author will be casting his own personal vote for Libertarian Chad Grimm on November 4th.

Chad Grimm seems to be the only candidate that comprehends the fact that Illinois government employees and retirees are guaranteed by the state Constitution to receive every penny of their gold-plated lifetime healthcare and millions in pension payments. His plan to save the pension system is to offer current employees the option of private investment accounts instead of a government-managed pension funds going forward.

On other issues, the Libertarian candidate proves he’s ahead of his two challengers in understanding the anger and frustration of Illinois residents. He pledges to cut as many of Illinois’ 7,000 government agencies as possible, stop jailing non-violent criminals, support marriage equality and lower taxes. Chad Grimm is also proudly Pro Life and pro 2nd Amendment. But aside from those broad, generalized positions, the candidate offers no specifics, especially on his campaign website. And don’t get us started on the number of times the Illinois Herald reached out to the Grimm campaign over the past three months with absolutely no response.

Once again, while we would love to support Libertarian Chad Grimm due to his honest, anti-corruption stance, his lack of experience and disorganized campaign make it impossible to automatically recommend him for such an important job as Governor of America’s fifth largest state. Therefore, the Illinois Herald is not officially endorsing any candidate for Illinois Governor.



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