November 12, 2014

Illinois Watchdog, Illinois Review launch Radio Partnership

By Mark Wachtler

November 12, 2014. Bloomington. (ONN) Two beacons of independent news in the state of Illinois have announced a limited partnership. The moderate and staunchly independent Illinois Watchdog and the proudly conservative Illinois Review will be collaborating on news segments for Illinois’ own Watchdog Radio. The daily two-hour news show covers the state’s politics and government happenings in the capitol of Springfield.

The Illinois Watchdog and the Illinois Review have joined forces for a new radio segment on Illinois Watchdog Radio.

Watchdog Radio

‘Do you read Illinois Review?’ our good friends at the Illinois Watchdog recently asked their subscribers, ‘Starting this month, Watchdog Radio is excited to announce a new partnership with top Illinois conservative news source - Illinois Review!’

The announcement goes on to detail, ‘Illinois Watchdog Radio focuses on what happens at the statehouse, and what it means for people across the state. Host Ben Yount talks with lawmakers, policy makers, and politicos. Whether it's the latest on the race for the statehouse, what is lurking in the state budget, or the best wings recipe in the state, Ben has you covered at Illinois Watchdog Radio.’

Illinois Watchdog

The Illinois Watchdog and Watchdog Radio are local affiliates of - a national independent news outlet made up of local citizen-journalists. A project of the non-profit Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity, the local news model was launched in 2009 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since.’s website describes itself writing, ‘Our established investigative journalists and capitol news reporters across the country are doing what legacy journalism outlets prove unable to do: share information, dive deep into investigations, and provide the fourth estate that has begun to fade in recent decades. By enhancing communication between reporters and providing a forum for published journalism, promotes a vibrant, well-informed electorate and a more transparent government.’


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Illinois Review

The Illinois Review is an independent news outlet that bills itself as the, ‘crossroads of the conservative community.’ Illustrating the news site’s desire to collaborate with and help promote other grassroots news outlets and organizations, the Illinois Review lists a number of them, along with links to their websites, on their Home Page. Take it from a fellow independent local news outlet like us at the Illinois Herald, gestures like that don’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Included on their list of independent news outlets are sites such as the Backyard Conservative, Chicago Conservative Examiner, Illinois Truth Team, McHenry County Blog, and more. Under their list of ‘policy groups’ are grassroots organizations such as Americans for Prosperity, Heartland Institute, Illinois Family Institute, and our very good friends at For the Good of Illinois – an independent-conservative organization based in Illinois that brought America, the first-ever searchable database and app that includes every penny of spending by every level of government in America broken out by actual individual expenditures.

Together, the Illinois Review and the Illinois Watchdog should create some very interesting and hard-hitting news segments together. Each has risen to become beacons of independent journalism in the state of Illinois. With the addition of the Illinois Review’s grassroots political reporting, Illinois Watchdog Radio is likely to continue to grow and be a model for local independent news outlets in other states. We at the Illinois Herald wish them nothing but success on their joint endeavor.

Readers can watch and listen to Illinois Watchdog Radio everyday from 9am to 11am CST.


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