October 15, 2014

Illinois Herald endorses 2 Greens for Congress

By Mark Wachtler

October 15, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) News outlets don’t typically endorse third party candidates. But then the Illinois Herald is no typical news outlet. We publish independent news for independent thinkers and independent voters. And in the races for US House of Representative in Illinois’ 5th and 12th Congressional Districts, the Illinois Herald proudly and energetically endorses two Green Party candidates - Nancy Wade in CD-5 and Paula Bradshaw in CD-12.

The Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Nancy Wade and Paula Bradshaw for the US House.

Nancy Wade and Paula Bradshaw have much in common. They’re both representatives of the Green Party of Illinois. They’re both campaign veterans, each having run for the same Congressional seats two years ago. And while neither was victorious in 2012, they both finished with a high enough vote total to earn the Illinois Greens ‘major party status’ in the 5th and 12th Districts. And that turned into an unforeseen blessing when Illinois Democrats kicked the entire slate of Green Party candidates off the 2014 General Election ballot in Illinois. The only two Green nominees left standing and appearing on the November ballot are Nancy Wade and Paula Bradshaw.

Nancy Wade for US Congress in IL CD 5

Your author has personally met Nancy Wade on multiple occasions and had the pleasure of taking some time to talk to her. She’s a genuinely nice, gracious, intelligent, humble person. Those are just some of the reasons the Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Nancy Wade for US Congress. While we may not agree with her on every issue, she seems an honest and uncorruptable candidate and would be a refreshing addition to the US House of Representatives.

Green Party nominee for Illinois’ 5th US House seat Nancy Wade is as passionate as she is energetic. Voters may have bumped into her marching on the front line of the Chicago teachers strike on behalf of union teachers in 2012. They may have also seen her protesting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Treaty outside her opponent’s Congressional office, US Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL). Or you may have seen her participating in the recent Chicago Pride Parade.

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The point is, Nancy Wade is a woman of the people. When was the last time anyone saw or spoke to our current Congressman? As local media reports point out, Rep. Quigley has been spending this campaign season fundraising for fellow incumbent Congressmen. By comparison, what has Nancy Wade been doing during this hard-fought campaign?

Last night, Nancy and her campaign supporters were at the South Lakeview Neighbor’s Forum on Southport. Two days before, they were at First Slice Pie Café on Manor Ave and canvassing precincts, ringing doorbells and talking to voters. Two nights before that, Wade and her volunteers were at the College of Complexes Forum at the Hilltop Restaurant on Foster. Nancy Wade is taking her second run against Rep. Mike Quigley seriously. And she should because she’s a very credible and worthy candidate.

Candidates for Congress - IL CD 5

The other candidates in the race for Illinois’ 5th US House seat are incumbent Democrat Mike Quigley and Republican challenger Vince Kolber. We used to be fans of Mike Quigley when he was a reformer on the scandal-plagued Cook County Board. But something changed when he was sent by the Party to Washington to replace then Congressman Rahm Emanuel, representing the very same 5th Illinois District. Emanuel replaced the imprisoned Rod Blagojevich who replaced the imprisoned Dan Rostenkowski.

As readers can see, corruption has had a sinister hold on this particular Congressional seat for decades, generations even. We’re not saying Congressman Quigley is of the same corrupt wing of the Democratic Machine, he’s in fact a seemingly honest individual. But his support of a pro-war, pro-Wall Street agenda, and most recently his vote for war against ISIS, show he’s not representing the voters of his district. He’s representing his party bosses in Washington.

Republican challenger Vince Kolber is a political novice and also a seemingly very nice man. A proud Polish-American, Mr. Kolber should run again if this bid fails. The Polish community is the largest on the northwest side of Chicago and is also the most under-represented. The GOP nominee is also active with local charities, including the Catholic Church, and has been a resident of the District his entire adult life.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the General Election. Vince Kolber wasn’t supposed to be the Republican nominee to face the Green’s Nancy Wade and incumbent Democrat Mike Quigley. As witnessed by your author, and verified by the Illinois Board of Elections, an independent-Republican named Frederick White won the nomination fair and square. But magically, the Illinois Republican Party made the independent White disappear and the party-backed Vince Kolber appear. Back in March, the Illinois Herald covered White’s write-in campaign, since the state Republicans had failed to nominate a single person for the office. Read ‘Frederick White wages GOP write-in Campaign in IL CD 5’ for details.

For more information about the Green Party’s Nancy Wade, visit WadeInCongress.org.

Paula Bradshaw for US Congress in IL CD 12

Like her fellow Green Party counterpart Nancy Wade, Paula Bradshaw is no stranger to running for US Congress. She’s challenging incumbent Democrat Bill Enyart (D-IL) for the second time. This time, the extremely unpopular first-term Congressman is in trouble. He’s proudly stood in defense of NSA spying, internet censorship, and has magically managed to vote both for and against Obamacare. Paula Bradshaw is a Registered Nurse with a very moderate platform that represents the voters of the far southern Illinois Congressional District. That’s why the Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Paula Bradshaw for US Congress.

Last year, we covered Paula Bradshaw’s candidacy announcement. Without hesitation, she fiercely picked up the banner of Main Street and called out her November opponents. “Who would vote for this? Who would vote for homeless veterans to sleep in the woods, while private jets fly into Southern Illinois Airport to refuel with taxpayer subsidized jet fuel?” Bradshaw asked voters, “Who would vote to take food from hungry children while the Federal Reserve gives $85 billion a month to Wall Street bankers?”

Hailing from rural southern Illinois, Bradshaw shatters the mould of a typical Green Party candidate. She’s fiercely pro-civil liberties and doesn’t hesitate to defend the US Constitution. “We still have repression, persecution and spying going on,” Green Congressional nominee Paula Bradshaw told supporters at one campaign stop, “So my call to repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the NDAA still stands. We now know that the government is monitoring every American's every communication, which is blatantly un-Constitutional and must stop.”

"The news shouldn't be left wing or right wing, conservative or liberal. It should be the news. It should be independent" - Mark Wachtler, Illinois Herald owner/editor

Candidates for Congress - IL CD 12

Paula Bradshaw’s two November opponents are Democrat incumbent Bill Enyart and Republican challenger Mike Bost. Enyart is despised by his own party for supporting Republican issues like war, fracking, spying and censorship. He even broke with his own party and voted against the implementation of Obamacare. For that, incumbent Bill Enyart is currently trailing the Republican and only polling 37%. Campaign disclosures also reveal that Enyart’s largest contributor is an Israeli political action committee and a full 92% of his campaign contributions come from PAC’s or large donors.

Paula Bradshaw’s other opponent this November is Republican Mike Bost. A State Representative first elected way back in 1994, Bost is most known for being featured on national news shows for having an unprecedented outburst on the floor of the Illinois State House in 2012. His hysterical rant was featured on CNN’s Best Celebrity Flip-outs of All Time. The Republican State Legislator also proudly supports the coal industry, and surprisingly, government employees unions.

Back in the beginning of the year, we called this Congressional race a Wild West shootout. And the campaign hasn’t disappointed. With an unpopular incumbent Democrat and a Republican career politician, the Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Paula Bradshaw for US Congress.

For more information on her campaign, visit Paula4Congress.org.



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