October 6, 2014

Illinois Comptroller Candidates and Endorsement

By Mark Wachtler

October 6, 2014. Dundee, IL (ONN) In one of the more bizarre statewide races in the Illinois 2014 election, the three-way contest for Illinois Comptroller is somehow the most boring and the most interesting at the same time. The incumbent is a big-government, triple-dipping Republican. The Democratic candidate is the state’s forgettable Lt. Governor and a party misfit. And the Libertarian challenger is actually the most qualified for the job, but like always, is blacked out by the corporate media.

The Illinois Herald proudly endorses Julie Fox for Illinois Comptroller. Image courtesy of JulieFox2014.com.

Candidates - Illinois Comptroller

  • Judy Baar Topinka (R) (incumbent)
  • Sheila Simon (D)
  • Julie Fox (L)

*In the 2014 race for Illinois Comptroller, the Illinois Herald proudly and energetically endorses Julie Fox.

Julie Fox for IL Comptroller

If the 2014 race for Illinois Comptroller has a theme, it’s ‘girl power’. All three candidates are women, with the two male candidates from the Green and Constitution Parties thrown off the ballot. Illustrating their political power, none of the three ladies even had a primary challenger. This three-way battle has been in the making for some time. And in the case of incumbent Judy Baar Topinka and Libertarian Julie Fox, it’s a rematch of the 2010 race.

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Julie Fox’s campaign website asks the question, “We expect our Attorney General to be a lawyer. Shouldn’t we demand our Comptroller be an accountant?” The three-time candidate for Comptroller reminds voters that she is the only Certified Public Accountant in the race. Fox has been a CPA for 20 years and the Comptroller of an international manufacturing company in the private sector for nearly as long.

Showing that she brings the best of both worlds to the table, Libertarian Julie Fox also has hands-on experience in the public sector. She was the Treasurer for the Dundee Township Library District as well as a member of the Board’s Budget Committee. “I understand the importance of the bottom line, in both the private and the public sectors,” IL Comptroller candidate Julie Fox tells voters, “I also understand the difficulties that exist at times when putting together a balanced budget. As a former auditor, I understand accounting controls - checks and balances - which must be in place in order to control spending and protect an organization’s assets.”

Illustrating one of the many reasons the Illinois Herald gives its endorsement to Julie Fox, the candidate describes herself saying, “I’m an ordinary citizen like you. When I see that things need fixing, I don’t wait for someone else to do it. If we want real change, we need to make that happen. I’m not from one of the political parties that brought you the likes of Rod Blagojevich or George Ryan. While running as a Libertarian is more difficult than running as a candidate for a major party, it’s the obvious choice for a principled candidate who truly believes in and will work for smaller government.”

Building on that corruption-busting theme, Julie Fox goes on to give Illinois voters on both the left and the right a reason to support her candidacy. Appealing to conservatives, Fox supports smaller government and even endorses the proposal to save Illinois taxpayers a fortune by eliminating the Comptroller’s office and combining it with the state Treasurer. Appealing to progressives, she opposes crony capitalism and the corrupt combination of government and Wall Street. “I will expose pork barrel spending and corporate welfare,” Julie Fox promises, “Isn’t it time insiders stopped stealing your hard earned money?”

Judy Baar Topinka (R)

Speaking of stealing taxpayers’ hard-earned money, we move onto Julie Fox’s November opponents. Normally, we would tell readers that if they would like more information on Democrat Sheila Simon or Republican Judy Baar Topinka, they can check out any corporate-owned news outlet. The Illinois Herald publishes independent news for independent thinkers and independent voters. But in this instance, we’ll give each candidate equal time in the spirit of fairness.

Incumbent Republican Judy Baar Topinka is a 35-year career politician who has shown no adversity to working hand-in-hand with corrupt, indicted and convicted criminals. Earlier this year, she was exposed on-stage at a public event pressuring Governor Pat Quinn to get her son a government job. Topinka didn’t realize the microphone was still on and the whole world heard her pathetic attempt to use her elected office for personal financial gain. And did we mention Judy Baar Topinka, a ‘big government’ Republican, is a triple-dipper and pocketing more taxpayer money than almost anyone in the entire state?

In January, we published the following description of the Illinois Comptroller compliments of her own fellow conservative Republicans. ‘In an election year when taxpayers/voters are cranky, frustrated, angry and feeling very taken advantage of, the revelation that retired Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka’s living fairly high off the underfunded and debt-plagued state employee pension system won't sit well,’ the conservative Illinois Review wrote, ‘The Sun Times found that Topinka's one of the state's highest taxpayer-funded retirees in Illinois, raking in $141,482 a year - more than she made her last year as state Treasurer. Plus, she's got a lucrative place on the RTA Board, pulling in $25,000 a year.’

Sheila Simon (D)

Democratic candidate Sheila Simon is from far downstate and is the daughter of legendary Illinois US Senator Paul Simon. The current Illinois Lt. Governor is another 20-year career politician, and surprisingly, a very unsuccessful one. In 1994, she was given her first government position in downstate Carbondale. She left in 2003 to serve one term on the Carbondale City Council. Simon ran for Mayor of the college town but lost.

Current Illinois Governor Pat Quinn stepped in and gave Sheila Simon another government appointment, this time on a mysterious and questionable 15-member committee charged with studying government corruption in Illinois. In the 2010 Primary Election, Illinois Democrats elected an independent-Democrat as their Lt. Governor candidate. The state party wanted a controllable insider, so they kicked their own nominee off the General Election ballot and replaced him with none other than Sheila Simon. Apparently Ms. Simon didn’t fit in very well because she’s again been replaced after only one term, this time by Education Czar Paul Vallas. A lawyer not an accountant, Sheila Simon was inexplicably demoted down the ticket to Comptroller.

Again, the Illinois Herald is proud to endorse Libertarian Julie Fox for Illinois Comptroller. Her financial experience in both the public and private sector, combined with her unquestionable ethics and sincere anti-corruption platform, make her the best choice for Illinois voters. Borrowing a tagline from the candidate’s website, ‘Julie Fox is the right person for the right reason at the right time.’

For more information, visit Julie Fox’s campaign website.



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