October 2, 2014

IL Sec of State Candidates and Endorsement

By Mark Wachtler

October 2, 2014. Willowbrook, IL. (ONN) In the first in a series of 2014 General Election candidate comparisons and endorsements from the Illinois Herald, it’s fitting that the Secretary of State race is first on our list. It seems to epitomize the entire political setting in the state over the past decade - the Democrat is a corrupt career Machine puppet, the Republican has pledged to serve Wall Street, the Green and Constitution candidates were kicked off the ballot, and the Libertarian is missing in action.

Christopher Michel, Libertarian candidate for Illinois Secretary of State. Image courtesy of YouTube.

So, who does the Illinois Herald give its official endorsement to in the 2014 race for Illinois Secretary of State? Nobody.

Few people in Illinois, except for members of the organized crime community - aka the Chicago Democratic Machine and the Illinois Republican Party - are aware of the fact that the Illinois Secretary of State’s office actually maintains the membership list of the 10,000 top organized crime gangsters in Illinois. Chicago’s state-sponsored media outlets will never tell you about it, but that’s why independent voters read the Illinois Herald.

Organized Crime license plates

They rule city, county and state government, and have for over a century. They even now control the White House and the second most powerful seat in the US Senate, as well as a powerful Cabinet post. So, how does the Illinois Secretary of State maintain the crime syndicate’s membership list? Decades ago, gangsters got tired of getting pulled over by police and receiving parking tickets. They devised a plan to identify ‘made’ men to police so the cops knew who was above the law due to their organized crime connections.

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The answer was the special designation given to the four-digit numeric Illinois license plate. Nearly every single corrupt elected official in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois has a personal vehicle license plate that consists of four numbers and only four numbers, no letters, no spaces, nothing else. Any time readers see an Illinois car license plate consisting of just four numbers centered on the plate, it's a good chance they’re looking at a made man. It’s a little-known secret in Illinois, but sadly it’s true. And just to show our independence and contempt for corruption here at the Illinois Herald, we’ll reconsider our endorsement for any of the three candidates that brings the special Illinois organized crime license plates to light. We won’t hold our breath waiting though.

Secretary of State Candidates - side by side

Jesse White (D) incumbent

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is one of the most well-known politicians in the state. He presides over his namesake Jesse White Tumblers and his office is responsible for dispensing everything from driver’s licenses to business licenses. But the four-term career politician has found himself tainted by his share of scandals. He personally backed a State Rep just before he was indicted for bribery. He hired a politically-connected woman with nine aliases. And when he first took office, he cleaned house of all the reformers, including the Inspector General. But White has also reportedly been a thorn in the side of Wall Street energy corporations trying to frack the heck out of Illinois’ farmlands. And compared to other Illinois departments and agencies, White has modernized and streamlined the Secretary’s office. He promised to retire four years ago and then broke that promise. He also presides over Illinois’ ridiculously expensive Business Licenses, a major reason it’s so difficult to start a small business in the state.

Mike Webster (R)

Republican nominee Mike Webster is a lawyer and an accountant. He promises to use that experience to make Illinois a more business-friendly state. He also promises to make jobs the number one priority of the Secretary of State’s office. “By retiring the lifelong politicians, we’ll make the office more efficient for drivers as well as small businesses,” Webster’s campaign website proclaims, “And that will mean safer roads, a more jobs-friendly environment and a commitment to integrity.” The candidate gives examples such as high taxes and too much bureaucracy and red tape standing in the way of new jobs and new businesses coming to Illinois. The Republican candidate also supports term limits and promises to leave office after two terms.

Christopher Michel (L)

Christopher Michel is the Libertarian Party nominee for Illinois Secretary of State. Not much is known about the candidate and it’s difficult to take his effort seriously since he doesn’t even have a campaign website. He has released three short self-made videos on social media highlighting a couple of his key issues. The Libertarian opposes red light cameras, as well as a number of fees and taxes collected by the Secretary’s office. Most controversially, Michel promotes eliminating the Board of Elections and replacing it with a poll tax payable by all election candidates. This independent news outlet staunchly opposes more taxes, not to mention baring poor people from running for elective office.


The Illinois Herald regrets that we cannot endorse any of the above candidates. One is too plagued by scandal. One is too cozy with Wall Street. And one isn’t even taking the race seriously. Too bad for the people of Illinois.



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