December 30, 2014

Adam Andrzejewski for IL Comptroller Appointment

By Mark Wachtler

December 30, 2014. Hinsdale, IL. (ONN) When Illinois Governor-elect Bruce Rauner takes office, one of his first duties will be to appoint a replacement State Comptroller. Having just won re-election, the late Republican Judy Baar Topinka passed away suddenly. With an eye on Illinois, some national publications have suggested a replacement and we at the Illinois Herald couldn’t agree more - Adam Andrzejewski. Can you image a corruption-busting, reform-Republican, and the man that single-handedly forced Topinka to make Illinois spending public, as the new Comptroller? We can.

Adam Andrzejewski has been suggested as the interim Illinois Comptroller.

As a disclaimer, your author is a longtime fan of Adam Andrzejewski, a true maverick within the GOP and a wildly popular grassroots politician in the Polish communities of Chicago and the suburbs. That’s where your author was born and raised and the Illinois Herald is located. Showing just how widespread his appeal is, Andrzejewski was endorsed in his 2010 bid for Governor by Solidarity movement leader and former President of Poland Lech Walesa.

Andrzejewski is also the co-founder of For The Good Of Illinois and The latter was single-handedly responsible for forcing every level of every government across the country to literally open their books and disclose every line-item of spending. Some state, county and local governments did so willingly. Others, like Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka and the corruption-plagued state of Illinois, were sued by the taxpayer watchdog for ignoring the FOIA request.

Your author followed this endeavor over the past couple years as Andrzejewski was considered by most to be crazy for even thinking he could force unwilling government officials to expose how they spend every penny of the taxpayers’ money. But some how, some way, he did it. Now, he’s being proposed by conservative news outlets like as the perfect person to replace the late Republican Judy Baar Topinka.


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In the news

The report from Breitbart News calls Adam Andrzejewski a ‘bold choice’ to replace the late Topinka writing, ‘A bolder choice for Rauner would be someone such as self-made businessman Adam Andrzejewski. He almost won the GOP primary for Governor in 2010, despite a tongue-twisting name and being outspent by orders of magnitude. His platform of “auditing” the state budget captured the grass roots and toppled several high-profile Republicans. He ran for Governor, but his platform is perfectly suited for the Comptroller position. Imagine an audit of the state checkbook?’

In an interview with the national news outlet, the popular corruption-busting Republican Andrzejewski told Breitbart News about his project ‘Open The Books’. “Open The Books is the result of my 2010 Gubernatorial campaign promise to post ‘Every Dime, Online, In Real Time,’” he explained, “We believe that aggressive financial transparency of public spending coupled with robust oversight is the fastest way to limit the over-reach of government power and squeeze out corrupt practices.”

Grassroots effort to draft Adam Andrzejewski

Local news outlets like the Illinois Review have also picked up on the call to draft Adam Andrzejewski for Illinois Comptroller. The outlet confirms, ‘Several conservative groups are circulating an email asking for calls to Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner to appoint 2010 gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski to succeed Quinn-appointed Jerry Stermer as State Comptroller.’

The report goes on to quote an excerpt from the emails being circulated calling on Illinois residents to email Governor-elect Bruce Rauner’s staff to voice their support for appointing Adam Andrzejewski as the interim Illinois Comptroller until the next Special Election in 2016. The grassroots email reads:

‘Andrzejewski’s track record consists of bold oversight on local, state and federal spending, nationally leading transparency work and he has the support of the statewide grassroots conservative base. Together, they could truly “Shake Up Springfield!” Please type up a short letter in support and e-mail it to the two e-mails listed below. ; Holly is Gov. Elect Bruce Rauner’s personal executive. ( Jim Schultz was the Campaign’s Finance Chairman and is now leading as a key member of the Bruce Rauner Transition team.’

As a longtime fan of Adam Andrzejewski, we at the Illinois Herald can’t think of a better person to replace the late Illinois Comptroller. As political independents, we don’t often support Republicans. But in Andrzejewski’s case, we can personally vouch for two things. He’s as honest and sincere as they come. And he truly is a pro-reform corruption-buster. That’s why the Republican establishment doesn’t like him and why independents like us think he’s wonderful. He’s the right man for the job.



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