September 21, 2014

This Week in Chicago Corruption - September 21, 2014

September 21, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) This week’s summary of Chicago and Illinois corruption is extra special. Not just because it’s a two-week double issue, but because some of the criminal acts include police torture and corruption at the highest levels of government. Even a Chicago heiress and campaign bundler for President Obama who now happens to be the US Secretary of Commerce is caught defrauding taxpayers. Read on to see just how crazy and corrupt the Windy City really is.

Obama campaign bundler and US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker is at the center of a Chicago development scam that defrauded the FBI out of tens of millions of dollars. Image courtesy of

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9/19/14 – Chicago Democrats are crying foul after the scandal-plagued Cook County Assessor and Cook County Democratic Party Chairman didn’t wait for the party Central Committee’s endorsement meeting. Chicago Democrats have been ordered by the party to begin helping the current Chicago Mayor and help collect nominating petition signatures. Some Alderman are publicly insisting they don’t want to support the current Mayor and are upset they don’t have a say anymore. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/18/14 – At a pretrial corruption hearing, defense attorneys for a political fixer announced they will use undercover FBI surveillance to show that an Illinois State Senator from Chicago took a $2,000 bribe in a federal sting operation. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/17/14 – A highly-touted employee of the taxpayer-funded Chicago anti-violence program was arrested for stealing a $10,000 diamond from a local jewelry store. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/17/14 – Chicago Mayor’s office announced it will ignore a state law against aerial acts without a safety net and let daredevil Nik Wallenda walk a tightrope across two Chicago skyscrapers without a net below. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/15/14 – The same scandal-plagued developer just selected to create Chicago’s medical district was exposed for price-gouging federal taxpayers, along with the US Commerce Secretary when she was the head of the Chicago investment firm. The two were partners in building the new Chicago FBI building and then renting it to the FBI for more than twice what it cost to build. The Commerce Secretary and longtime Daley friend also built the building, then sold it to themselves for a $45 million profit. Records now reveal their partnership’s bid wasn’t the lowest and the awarding was politically related – Chicago Sun Times.


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9/14/14 – After 245 patronage-hired, dutyless paycheck recipients were discovered inside the IL Dept of Transportation this month, the Governor has now announced that 103 of them will be keeping their jobs anyway. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/14/14 – Illustrating how public corruption works, watchdogs released a list of the wealthy and powerful who are funding both sides of the Illinois Governor’s race this year. They include the CEO of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox, the CEO of Groupon, an executive at US Equities Realty, and an up-and-coming entrepreneur. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/13/14 – Chicago Public School Principals are complaining that since the city outsourced janitorial services to the Aramark corporation, that rats and cockroaches are rampant inside the city’s public schools. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/10/14 – Burnham city Clerk sentenced to 18 months in prison for embezzling $650,000 from taxpayers and the city. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/9/14 – Chicago taxpayers agreed to pay $150,000 to a salon owner who was handcuffed by police inside her salon and then beaten by an officer. Witnesses report the officers used derogatory racial slurs and tormented the woman who is 5’2” and 110 pounds. The entire incident was caught on the salon’s security camera. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/8/14 – Longtime Daley family friend and the winner of the city contract to develop a medical district after the former Mayor’s company dropped out of contention currently owes the IRS $2.9 million in unpaid taxes, defaulted on a loan from the Pritzker family, defaulted on a loan from Bank of America, and is being sued for $40,000 in unpaid rent. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/8/14 – Former Mayor Daley was ruled too ill to testify in investigation of police torture and his 30-year record of covering up the torture and protecting crooked officers. But Daley isn’t too ill to be involved in the multi-million dollar, scandal-plagued deal to develop new hospitals and medical facilities in the city. Daley’s new corporation dropped out of the bidding so his longtime friend could have the city contract in a nearly no-competition process. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/8/14 – Chicago Public School system caught operating ‘ghost schools’ to avoid breaking state law. CPS insists they are open and operating. But local reporters proved they are empty and vacant. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/6/14 – Chicago taxpayers agree to pay $1.25 million to the family of an unarmed man shot in the back and killed by Chicago Police. In court, the police officers’ own squad car camera showed footage that proved officers lied about the incident. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/6/14 – Northwest side Chicago residents and northwest suburban Mayors are complaining that the city’s Noise Complaint Hotline doesn’t exist. After adding new runways to O’Hare Airport, tens of thousands of residents have seen their property values and quality of life plummet due to the jet noise. The hotline instead forwards to Chicago’s 311 general information operator.

9/5/14 – FBI announces it is not investigating Chicago Police Dept over rampant police shootings of unarmed men. The CPD confirmed that since 2012, only 2 police shootings have been looked at by the Bureau. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/5/14 – Over 100 people attended a town hall meeting to demand criminal arrests at the Edward Hines Jr. VA hospital. The hospital has already been caught falsifying patient records, withholding treatments and appointments and leading to numerous veteran deaths that could have been avoided. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/4/14 – Judge approves a class action lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff’s Department over its longstanding policy of knowingly jailing innocent people after they’ve been cleared of all wrongdoing in court. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/4/14 – Chicago police officer sentenced to only 15 months in jail after being convicted of shaking down small businesses and selling illegal firearms. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/4/14 – Chicago charter schools being audited by the IRS for financial misconduct. The same public-private charter school corporation just settled a suit with the SEC over filing false statements and conflict of interests. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/4/14 – A criminally-tainted Chicago Police Commander arrested for battery after forcing witnesses to testify by holding tasers to their genitals. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/3/14 – Video leaked of a shooting by a Chicago Police officer shows the officers gave the unarmed victim no aid or attention even after being instructed to stop the bleeding by a police dispatcher. The video also shows the victim didn’t start the altercation and was instead being assaulted by a private security guard when he was fatally shot at point blank range. – Chicago Sun Times.

9/3/14 – FBI opens investigation of multiple Chicago Police shootings in which officers claimed the victim had a gun but none was ever recovered. – Chicago Sun Times.


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