July 12, 2014

This Week in Chicago Corruption - July 12 2014

July 12, 2014. Chicago. (ONN). It’s that time of week again. And this week’s daily dose of Chicago and Illinois corruption is a big one. We’ve got an epidemic of amnesia, a sordid government-vendor love triangle, the CPD torture squad, sexual battery, and high level resignations. The House Speaker and Senate President got tens of millions in fun money. The Governor is under a state and federal criminal investigation. And Chicago taxpayers might have to repay hundreds of millions in bogus court fees.

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From the Illinois Herald Daily Dose of Corruption

7/11/14 – Former Mayor Daley refuses to testify in his former employees’ corruption trial claiming he’s too sick. Prosecutors insist he’s not too sick to travel, party and appear at social gatherings for members of the elite and powerful establishment. He’s also testified in writing that he no longer has a memory. – Multiple outlets.

7/11/14 – Chicago Aviation Commissioner sued for forcing an O’Hare Airport business out so she could replace them with a politically connected party-approved business. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/10/14 – US Justice Dept orders Illinois Legislature not to call witnesses in IL Governor’s corruption hearing because federal agents are in the middle of their own investigation. – Chicago Tribune.

7/10/14 – The woman who received a free $8 million dollar business on city property from former Mayor Daley and got pregnant by his representative negotiating the gift was officially declared a ‘hostile witness’ after repeatedly testifying she didn’t recall anything. In his deposition for the same criminal trial, former Mayor Daley responded, “I don’t recall” over 100 times. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/9/14 – A secret ethics report from the IL Legislative Inspector General was leaked and claimed that the IL House Speaker isn’t breaking the law when he personally tells any and every state government agency who to hire. The same report showed the Speaker used government employees to circulate 29 of his 30 election nominating petitions last year.  – Chicago Sun Times.

7/9/14 – IL House Speaker gets a $35 million grant for his campaign contributor, currently under criminal investigation, to build a school in his district. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/9/14 – IL Senate President gets a $10 million grant to renovate a private theater in his neighborhood. The theater is legally represented by the Senate President’s son’s law firm. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/9/14 – Chicago police officer suspended for 30 days after shaking down NY Yankee Derek Jeter to autograph more than a half dozen sport memorabilia items. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/8/14 – Chicago police officer accused of providing marijuana growing equipment for his terminally ill granddaughter until she died. He then used his police powers to convert the dead child to Catholicism and turn his daughter-in-law in to the DEA for marijuana growing. He obtained a search warrant upon which he and his CPD partner entered the mother’s home and stole the dead child’s ashes. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/8/14 – Study shows that 95% of Chicago drivers illegally drive above the speed limit every day. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/8/14 – IL Treasurer fires three senior administrators in connection with lawsuits against the State Treasurer and an Inspector General investigation. – Chicago Tribune.

7/6/14 – IL Senate President’s son arrested and charged with sexual battery in Tennessee. This is his third criminal arrest with no convictions. – CBS Chicago.

7/6/14 – Chicago police shoot five people, killing two over the weekend. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/6/14 – Federal grand jury subpoenas emails and communications of 5 people connected to the Governor’s corrupt $54 million anti-violence program which was proven to be an election year pay-off to inner city party politicians and their families. – Chicago Sun Times.

 7/4/14 – The IL Supreme Court rules that the convicted Chicago Police officer that led the city’s police torture squad can keep receiving his $54k per year pension. – Chicago Tribune.

7/4/14 – Cook County Circuit Court Clerk accused of wasting $119 million and 14 years on technology upgrades that don’t exist. The County still processes paperwork for 1,500 Cook County court and prison defendants per day using only pens and paper. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/4/14 – Court orders Chicago taxpayers to pay the $1 million in legal bills for all parties involved in the city’s failed attempt to ban gun stores even after repeated court orders. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/3/14 – Coach at a Chicago public charter school accused of sexually molesting one of his female players before and after she was of legal age. – Chicago Sun Times.

7/3/14 – Illinois Dept of Transportation director resigns after being caught in patronage hiring scandal including her own step-daughter’s hiring at the department and her rapid promotions. – Chicago Sun Times.

6/30/14 – Cook County Circuit Court Clerk caught paying her husband $90k from her political campaign account for no apparent legal reason. Her husband was also a large recipient of the Governor’s corrupt anti-violence grant program. – Chicago Sun Times.

6/29/14 – IL Appellate Court rules Chicago taxpayers have to refund court fees to corporations that were not represented in court by attorneys. If the ruling is applied to individual defendants, the 500,000 administrative hearings per year, going back decades, could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. – Chicago Sun Times.


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