September 6, 2014

IL GOP armed terror Campaign linked to Bruce Rauner

September 6, 2014. Alsip. (ONN) Republican candidate for Illinois Governor - billionaire Bruce Rauner - is desperately trying to distance himself from the recent armed terror campaign of voters who signed the Libertarian Party’s ballot access petitions. Sending people with guns to the homes of voters, demanding they sign affidavits recanting their petition signatures, is a felony. And every one of the armed terrorists was funded either directly or indirectly by GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner or his campaign.

The IL Libertarians’ petitions compared to the Democrats and Republicans. Image courtesy of

Follow the money. That’s what they always say. You may not find a smoking gun or a signed confession. But you will ultimately discover who’s behind, and paying for, any coordinated effort to, let’s say, kick an entire political party’s slate of candidates off the General Election ballot. When legal means don’t work, some sinister politicians resort to criminal acts. That’s what happened in Illinois last month. And while Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner publicly condemns such armed terror tactics, a recent report from the Chicago Sun Times followed the money. And it led back to Bruce Rauner.

America’s rigged election system

It’s no secret that independent and opposition candidates aren’t really allowed to participate in America’s elections, at least not on a fair and level basis. For example, in Illinois a Republican or Democrat Congressional candidate needs to collect only 300 to 500 ballot access petition signatures to appear on the Illinois ballot. An independent, Libertarian or Green must collect 20,000 signatures to run for the same office. That’s how rigged America’s election system is and why most elected officials run unopposed all the time.

So when the Illinois Libertarians submitted almost double the massive number of signatures needed this year, their fellow conservatives in the Illinois Republican Party panicked at the thought of splitting the conservative vote. Armed thugs with guns were sent to the homes of voters who signed those petitions, terrorizing them into signing affidavits swearing their signatures on the Libertarian petitions were obtained fraudulently, even though they weren’t.


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Follow the money

Most observers insist that the armed terror campaign against Illinois Libertarians is a felony under Illinois law, not to mention a violation of the federal Voting Rights Act. And Illinois Republicans are scrambling to distance themselves from the crime scene. But according to a recent investigation and report by the Chicago Sun Times titled, ‘Rauner Camp firing Blanks in Petition Flap’, it appears billionaire Bruce Rauner’s money funded the armed terror campaign.

The publication quoted Bruce Rauner’s campaign spokesman Mike Schrimpf denying any connection between their campaign and the universally denounced armed intimidation campaign. But Schrimpf’s denial smacks of dishonesty and even outright lies, which doesn’t bode well for the candidate at the center of the criminal accusations. “Bruce wants as many people engaged in the political process as possible,” the paper quoted the Rauner campaign’s spokesman, “Bruce has no knowledge of these alleged activities. And if they are true, he strongly denounces them. Bruce doesn’t agree with any form of voter intimidation.”

Illinois voters already know that’s not true, since it was the Rauner campaign that paid big money for an organized effort to deny voters the right to petition and deny an entire political party their earned right to participate in our elections this year. And while Bruce Rauner swears he doesn’t support armed intimidation of voters at their homes, the records reportedly show that the Rauner campaign paid the people who paid the people who paid the armed terrorists.

When asked by the Sun Times, the Rauner campaign denied any knowledge of the accusations and pointed the finger at officials from the Republican Party of Illinois. According to the paper however, ‘A closer look at the sordid affair shows it’s not so simple for the state party to take the fall here and for Rauner to disassociate himself from what happened.’

Naming names

In an attempt to find out who is ultimately responsible for the armed terror campaign against Illinois Libertarians, the Sun Times started with the actual individuals with guns that showed up at the homes of voters demanding they renounce their petition signatures. Those gun-toting thugs are the employees of Morrison Security in Alsip, Illinois. Morrison Security is owned by Sean Morrison. Sean Morrison is the head of the Palos Township Republican Party. Bruce Rauner personally paid the Palos Township Republican Party $6,500.

Morrison Security and its armed mercenaries were admittedly hired by the law firm of John Fogarty. Fogarty’s firm was admittedly hired by the Illinois Republican Party to help the GOP kick the Illinois Libertarians off the November ballot. John Fogarty’s law firm was also paid $53,000 by the Bruce Rauner for Governor campaign while the Illinois Republican Party received more than $2 million from Rauner. Another active participant in the effort to unjustly kick the Libertarian Party off the Illinois ballot was notary Morgan Kreitner. Morgan Kreitner is a salaried employee of the Bruce Rauner for Governor campaign.

In a desperate attempt to avoid possible federal and state criminal charges, not to mention avoid being continually demonized in the run-up to the coming General Election, Illinois Republican officials released a public statement condemning their own tactics, “We do not support the practice of any investigator wearing a firearm while verifying petition signatures. If even one person felt intimidated, that’s unacceptable.”

Calls for criminal investigation

Imagine your TV set suddenly broadcasts the news, “White racists with guns show up at the homes of black voters, terrorizing them into un-signing ballot access petitions in an attempt to kick all black election candidates off the ballot.” The American people couldn’t cry out fast enough or loud enough demanding the guilty party be brought to justice. What many want to know, including the Libertarian Party of Illinois and us here at the Illinois Herald, is why is it okay to perpetrate that same crime against Libertarian voters when it’s considered so despicable and illegal to do it to anyone else?

Illinois Libertarians just announced that they’ve filed a request for a criminal investigation with both local and state authorities. The statement reads, ‘Our Attorney General candidate, Ben Koyl, has filed a complaint with the Attorney General of Illinois and the Cook County State’s Attorney over the tactics the Republicans used in their attempt to knock us off the ballot. As Ben included in his press release, “The actions by the Republicans are calculated to deprive registered voters of Illinois of their right to free and open elections. These coercive and deceptive tactics have a chilling effect in that they discourage people from signing petitions and are in violation not only of Illinois election law, but also of our First Amendment rights.”’

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Democrats join the call for criminal investigation

Illinois Democrats and the state’s Governor Pat Quinn, coincidentally Bruce Rauner’s opponent in the November General Election, also joined the chorus calling for a criminal investigation of the Rauner campaign and the armed terror tactics used against the Illinois Libertarian Party, its candidates and its voters. Last week, in our report titled, ‘Illinois GOP sends Armed Thugs to Libertarians Homes’, we quoted Governor Quinn’s public call for an investigation.

“We are deeply disturbed that the Rauner forces are intimidating people with weapons,” Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced, “Sending armed investigators to people’s homes in the name of politics is not okay in Illinois nor anywhere else. Voter intimidation has no place in our state, particularly with guns. This is a serious matter and it should be investigated by the State Board of Elections, Cook County State’s Attorney, and the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division.”

With no apparent movement on the part of the Cook County State’s Attorney, the Illinois Attorney General, or US Attorney General Eric Holder, Governor Quinn’s campaign released a follow-up statement. It read in part, ‘On the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King's ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, Republican billionaire Bruce Rauner found himself explaining yesterday why his campaign bankrolled armed operatives to intimidate voters recently at their homes.’

The statement from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and his Democratic Party re-election campaign pulled no punches with its final paragraph speaking directly to Republican Bruce Rauner himself. The statement is in response to Bruce Rauner’s public denial that his campaign had anything to do with the armed terror campaign at the homes of Libertarian voters. “Our campaign has nothing to do with the issues that you describe,” the Rauner campaign is credited saying.

Governor Quinn’s campaign quickly responded,Only you do. You bankrolled it. You've gone all over Illinois bragging about your so-called “voter integrity” efforts. Your campaign has donated more than $2 million to the Illinois Republican Party to carry out these efforts and you personally donated $6,500 to the political organization of the man carrying out the gun intimidation effort. But now that your cronies have been caught red-handed, it's hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil. Is this the Rauner version of accountability?’



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