July 29, 2014

Chicago outraged by Emanuel invitation to Illegal Immigrants

July 29, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) In what seems like a desperate election year stunt, a very unpopular Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced last week that he wanted the Dept of Homeland Security to send at least 1,000 more illegal immigrant children to Chicago where they will be housed, clothed, fed, schooled and legally represented for free. The city is already caring for over 500 of the kids in secret facilities. Immediately, the common reaction among Chicago’s residents was disbelief and outrage.

Chicago’s own homeless would create a medium-sized US city all on their own. Image courtesy of ChicagoHomeless.org.

Chicagoans react

To get a sense of Chicago’s reaction to Rahm Emanuel’s announcement, we perused the city’s local media outlets for reader comments and viewer feedback. We were surprised to discover that the prevailing sentiment across Chicagoland is that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is either an idiot or this is a cruel joke. Take these examples right from the top of the Comments list on Chicago super-station WGNTV.com:

  • “Chicago is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED RIP. This is nothing new he will wreck the city in to submission, give billions of city contracts to his friends, then flee the city.” – ‘Casey’
  • “Dear Mayor Emanuel - you cannot take care of the people who LIVE here already. Please do not bring any immigrant children here - please send them back home to their families. The cities and counties and the state of Illinois do not have the money to take care of them. Perhaps Mexico needs to step up and take care of their children and this humanitarian crisis. I know this sounds harsh but WE Chicagoans and Illinoisans are already facing a humanitarian crisis.” – ‘FedUp1967’
  • “Well said. I second that!!” – ‘Ven’, Replying to the comment immediately above from ‘FedUp1967’
  • “Well at least Chicago can afford it. (Joke) guess this is the liberal way of thinking. Broke as cr*p but we need more votes . You guys are so scr*wed on your leadership.” – ‘Kevin’
  • “Since when does a ‘kid’ classify as a 20 something year old with gang tattoos and head lice?” – ‘NWA’
  • “Sure, lets take advantage of any situation to accelerate this country’s future as a third world state. Love all those buzz words rahmer uses: Federal government paying housing costs = on the taxpayers.Offer the kids free legal counsel = on the taxpayers.” – ‘ML57’
  • “Supposedly these kids are fleeing the killings and violence in their own country. They should feel right at home in Chicago.” – ‘John’
  • “send these kids BACK where they came from, this so called government can’t help american familys but they can help these.” – ‘Marsha’
  • “Funny how they knew about the immigrants back in January, and still let them, NO, Invited them in. No jobs in Chicago now. Oh well we’ll feed them and house , and clothe them…FOR FREE.” – ‘Mark’
  • “Send them back home come into USA the right way like others do, plus who is paying for all this? Ohhhh let me guess Chicago is, Chicago is broke as hell, Chicago cannot send its own students to schools plus laying off teachers but you want to bring 1,000 more kids.” – ‘CJV’

There you have it. You can’t get any more ‘Chicago’ than WGN. And their viewers and readers were overwhelmingly against housing hundreds or thousands of illegal immigrants at the taxpayers’ expense. Out of 14 total viewer comments on the WGN website, 11 opposed Mayor Emanuel’s plan to house over 1,500 illegal children, 2 supported him, and 1 didn’t take sides.

Obama tells Emanuel not to worry about the cost

As illustrated by the above comments from WGN viewers, when Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel went public last week agreeing to the White House’s request to house an additional 1,000 illegal immigrant children in Chicago, residents of the Windy City were outraged. They know first-hand that the city ignores its own homeless children, leaving them to a handful of small, private shelters and a lottery system where only a small percentage of homeless kids get a bed each night. The rest must survive on the streets, in the parks, under viaducts and on subway platforms.

“The influx of unaccompanied child migrants is a growing humanitarian crisis that we can no longer ignore,” the Chicago Tribune quoted Mayor Emanuel’s statement, “While we have our own challenges at home, we cannot turn our backs on children that are fleeing dangerous conditions. We will do our part to ensure that these children are given access to services and treated fairly and humanely.”

When the Tribune asked who was paying for the housing and care of the children and how much it was costing, the Emanuel administration said they didn’t know what the cost would be, but that the federal government was picking up the tab through the Department of Health and Human Services. The paper also discovered that Chicago is already housing as many as 500 illegal immigrant children at 9 existing facilities.

Illegals first, Americans second

City Hall officials disclosed to the publication that their efforts to house more of the Central American children stemmed from a White House request to Mayor Emanuel earlier this month to find facilities in Chicago for at least 1,000 more. The Mayor’s policy chief Michael Negron described a scene in which city officials excitedly welcomed the request and have since dedicated every resource available to it.

“As we've learned more about this, I think in our view it makes more sense to have multiple facilities so that you have smaller groups of children who receive more attention,” he told the Tribune, “We think that it'd be better to find locations that are already residential or have been residential in the past and wouldn't need a tremendous amount of work in order to get them ready, and also not be as conspicuous.”

Another report detailed how the Emanuel administration has put out a call to Chicago’s entire legal community seeking volunteer attorneys to represent the illegal immigrant children when they eventually stand before an immigration hearing to determine if they can stay indefinitely. That’s a slap in the face to Chicago’s own poor homeless children who must wait more than 15 years to get a volunteer attorney, if ever.

Your author can personally vouch for the 15-year waiting period and can also describe in excruciating detail what homeless Chicago children must go through to request help, only to be rejected for no legitimate reason. The problem is that of the 20 legal aid charities in Cook County, based on the decade-old hand-out the Dept of Human Services still gives out, 10 are out of business, 5 stopped helping people because they were too overwhelmed, and 5 only help women and minorities, which many Chicago children are not. And if you’re a homeless white male, even with two small children like in your author’s case, there is no help for you or your homeless American kids. ‘Go to the homeless shelter and play the lottery like everybody else,’ they tell us, ‘we have no resources for you.’


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