June 6, 2014

This Week in Chicago Corruption - June 6 2014

June 6, 2014. Chicago. This week’s installment of the week in Chicago corruption includes the typical assortment of police abuse and corrupt city bureaucrats. But some of the just-exposed scandals encompass the US federal government, the state of Illinois and a number of Chicago suburbs. This week’s list even includes a grand scheme, or scam depending on who you ask, by Mayor Emanuel to turn Chicago into the Paris of North America.

Chicago City Hall insists Nanci Kochman’s pain was caused by her missing the statute of limitations, not because her only child was murdered by former Mayor Daley’s nephew. Image courtesy of NBC Chicago.

6/5/14 – Chicago lawyers ask Court to throw out lawsuit by victim’s mother for the Daley family murder-cover up. City Hall attorney says the mother’s failure to sue before the statute of limitations is the cause of her emotional injuries, not the murder of her son. Chicago Sun Time.

6/5/14 – Disable child advocates accuse Chicago public school of using developmentally disabled students in corporate marketing and sales videos without their knowledge or permission. Chicago Sun Times.

6/5/14 – Attorneys for Hillside resident and accused terrorist, along with the defendant, were banned from participating in the criminal trial with the media, defendant and his legal team forced to sit in the courthouse hallway while the Judge and government prosecutors carried on the secret trial using secret evidence. Chicago Sun Times.

6/4/14 – Chicago announced it will move forward with its plan to transform the city into the North American City of Lights, costing taxpayers millions in construction, upkeep and astronomical electric bills, even though the city is teetering on bankruptcy and can’t afford to pay its current bills. Chicago Tribune.

6/3/14 – An African American Muslim man is suing Tinley Park because a group of city firefighters turned their fire hose on the man as he walked past their fire house. Two of the three offenders admitted to the act on video but insist it was just a prank. Chicago Sun Times.

6/3/14 – SEC charges Chicago political association and charter school owner UNO with defrauding investors by not disclosing multi-million-dollar payments to family members of the group’s directors. Crain’s Chicago Business.

5/31/14 – Chicago’s Hines VA Hospital employees coming forward after the VA gave the facility perfect marks in an audit. Employees insist they were intimidated and forced to lie during the investigation. Chicago Sun Times.

5/30/14 – A state audit found the Cook County paid $12 million in healthcare bills for 8,232 people that have been dead for years, including one individual who died in 1989. Chicago Tribune.

5/26/14 – Former 24-year US Congressman exposed for working as a lobbyist for competing parties, including American taxpayers, Boeing, the US Air Force, and Madison County. He’s also currently receiving three pensions - federal, state and city. Chicago Sun Times.

5/25/14 – Chicago police officer caught on video beating an old frail handcuffed woman and then tearing apart the store’s security camera looking for the video tape to destroy, has been transferred to an office job inside the CPD. Chicago Sun Times.

5/21/14 – Illinois High School Association’s 25 employees accused of pocketing tens of millions of dollars brought in from the sales of tickets to Illinois high school sporting events. The association insists it’s a non-profit that doesn’t work for the taxpayers or owe the schools or student-athletes any more than they already share. Chicago Sun Times.

5/20/14 – Chicago and Cook County sued by two men who served 20 and 21 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder due to a forced confession after a 28-hour interrogation session by police. Chicago Tribune.

5/19/14 – Illinois Dept of Transportation administrator resigns immediately after corruption lawsuit filed against the department. Sources confirm the upper level supervisor was the subject of an internal investigation, a criminal investigation, as well as being accused of wrongdoing ten years ago while working for the city of Chicago. Chicago Sun Times.

5/17/14 – A Chicago Public Schools inspector is accusing a Board of Education voting member and the Board President of conflicts of interest after both voted to transform public schools into corporate charter schools. One is currently an employee of a charter school supplier and the other was recently the Chairman of the Board for the for-profit charter schools vendor. Chicago Sun Times.

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