May 17, 2014

May 17 2014 - This Week in Chicago Corruption

May 17, 2014. This week’s entries in the Illinois Herald’s Daily Dose of Chicago Corruption is as shocking and unbelievable as usual. Like all weeks, it includes embezzlement, kick backs, bribes, strippers, City Hall, the State Capitol, Tony Rezko, and former Mayor Daley’s closest aides. Welcome to this week’s Daily Dose of Chicago Corruption.

Former Mayor Daley’s closest aides continue to choose prison over testifying against him. Image courtesy of NBC Chicago.

5/16/14 – Feds raid Chicago VA Hospital after employees caught falsifying documents to embezzle funds. – Associated Press.

5/15/14 – Political aid to IL House Speaker and City Hall aid for former Mayor Daley indicted by feds for taking bribes to rig $124 million city contract. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/13/14 – Cook County Clerk of the Courts denied extra funding because her court system is on the verge of collapse due to all the corruption scandals surrounding the official. The third-largest court system in the nation still uses paper records because decades of funds were siphoned off for patronage and ghost payrollers, say Cook County Board officials. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/13/14 – New police chief over METRA/CTA public transportation system says the police force doesn’t even patrol public transportation to protect commuters, but racks up millions in overtime each year for its officers some how. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/12/14 – Whistleblower awarded $150,000 after being fired by Mayor Emanuel’s campaign chairman at corruption-plagued United Neighborhood Organization Chicago school system. UNO, the Democratic patronage organization, receives hundreds of millions of dollars to operate charter schools, all while under multiple criminal investigations and indictments. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/9/14 – Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) whistleblower sues city after being fired for exposing $56 million in secret payments to CTA employees. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/8/14 – The aid to IL Governor responsible for the $54 million anti-violence embezzlement scam currently under Federal and State investigation is discovered running the exact same criminal scam for Mayor Emanuel’s City Hall. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/7/14 – Burnham village Clerk indicted by FBI for embezzling $650,000 from city funds to pay for her gambling addiction. – Southtown Star.

5/6/14 – Chicago Deputy Comptroller forced to resign after his City Hall boss fled the country to Pakistan after being indicted for bribery and kickbacks in Chicago and Ohio. – Chicago Tribune.

5/5/14 – Fired aid to former Mayor Daley sues city after being fired for corruption. The aid claims Daley personally refused to allow him to do his oversight job, allowing criminal activity at City Hall to flourish. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/4/14 – Partner of convicted political fixer Tony Rezko sentenced to just probation after being convicted himself for the theft of over $500,000 from a private citizen. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/2/14 – US Attorneys office announces it is investigating Gov. Quinn’s $54 million anti-violence patronage scandal. – Chicago Tribune.

5/2/14 – Politically connected construction company fined $12 million and forced to make a $2 million ‘donation’ to Chicago City Hall after being convicted of defrauding the city on minority and women set-aside contracts. – Chicago Sun Times.

5/1/14 – House Speaker’s attorney files lawsuits to block voter ballot initiatives asking for term limits and independent redistricting committee. – Reboot Illinois.

5/1/14 – Federal jury rules a wrongly convicted Chicago man was denied justice by a single Chicago Police officer who fabricated evidence to obtain a murder conviction. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/29/14 – Federal criminal suit accuses suburban private education company with bribing government officials in Illinois, New Mexico and Texas with cash and strippers to obtain $33 million in government contracts to tutor students at 40 Chicago public schools, which they didn’t do, but falsified reports showing the work was done. – Chicago Sun Times.

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