April 10, 2014

IL Green Party announces Candidate Slate for 2014 Election

April 10, 2014. The Illinois Green Party recently met and voted to run a full slate of statewide candidates for the upcoming November General Election. They will be joining a couple veteran US Congressional candidates and a slew of hopeful Greens running in local elections across the state. The party hopes to build on the success its 2012 candidates had in the state two years ago.

Paula Bradshaw, ILGP candidate for US Congress in CD 12. Image courtesy of Examiner.com.

“The ILGP Membership voted almost unanimously for the nomination of a full slate of state candidates for the General Election in November,” the Illinois Green Party announced, “We need your help to give Illinois voters a true choice for meaningful change toward a more just and sustainable future. Congratulations to our nominees!”

2014 Illinois Green Party statewide candidates

From the Green Party’s announcement, the following candidates have officially received the Illinois Green Party nomination (from ILGP.org):

Governor - Scott Summers

Lt Governor - Bob Pritchett

US Senate - Omar Lopez

Attorney General - David Black

Secretary of State - Sheldon Schafer

Comptroller - Tim Curtin

Treasurer - Julie Samuels


Scott Summers for Governor

From the ILGP website, “Scott Summers brings a formidable skill set to the race: he is an attorney with an MBA degree, a former elected official (trustee at McHenry County College), and the author of two how-to books published by the American Bar Association.”

Bob Pritchett for Lt. Governor

From the IL GP website, “Bob Pritchett is a public school educator who retired in 2012 as superintendent and elementary principal at South Fork School District in Kincaid after 24 years of credible service…Bob belongs to the Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Arbor Day Foundation.”

Omar Lopez for US Senate

From Green Party Watch, “Omar López has a bio that includes being a founder of the Mexican Teachers Organization in 1973; being a principal leader and convenor of the March 10 and May 1 2006 historic mega-marches in defense of undocumented immigrant workers; and being the director of C.A.L.O.R. which provides services to Latinos affected by HIV/AIDS and other diseases…Lopez was a candidate for US House in 2008.”

David Black for Attorney General

From the ILGP website, “David Black holds a Ph.D. from The University of Michigan and a J.D. from the DePaul University College of Law. He has over 30 years experience in the general practice of law, representing consumers in Illinois and federal Courts. He is active in the Illinois Green Party, serving as the party’s 2006 and 2010 nominee for Illinois Attorney General.”

Sheldon Schafer for Secretary of State

From the ILGP website, “Sheldon Schafer is an astronomy educator, retired planetarium astronomer, and former candidate for US Congress…He is a founding member of Peoria Area Green Party, past Chair of the Peoria County Central Committee of the Green Party, and past Chair of the State Central Committee of the Green Party.”

Tim Curtin for Comptroller

From the ILGP website, “Tim Curtin is a 40-year member of the United Electrical Workers union. He has served most of his adult life as a union organizer.”

Julie Samuels for Treasurer

From the ILGP website, “Julie Samuels is a longtime advocate for environmental and social justice. She recently retired from Openlands after 20 years educating and organizing residents in Chicago’s most under-served neighborhoods to form community-based community gardens and community garden networks.”

Two Green Party candidates for US Congress

Not stopping at the above list of statewide candidates, the Illinois Green Party is also running two battle-tested ladies for US Congress that each competed in the same respective races two years ago. At the extreme southern tip of Illinois, Paula Bradshaw is running in IL CD 12. And way up north on the northside of Chicago, Nancy Wade is running in IL CD 5.

For more information, read the Illinois Herald articles, ‘Green’s Bradshaw running for Congress in IL CD 12 again’ and ‘Green’s Wade hits Rep Quigley over TPP’.


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