May 27, 2014

Chicago Law would limit Gun Stores to 0% of City


May 27, 2014. Chicago. The Windy City remains the last city in the country to give up its zero tolerance for law abiding gun owners, even though it’s led to Chicago being the firearm murder capital of the nation. Instead, a federal court ordered the city to begin allowing gun stores to open there. A new law proposed by Mayor Emanuel would do that, but only in 0.50 percent of the city of Chicago.

Chicago is being held up by every gun owner in America as proof that gun control doesn’t work. Image courtesy of

Chicago can add non-existent gun stores to its non-existent medical marijuana dispensaries and other phantom businesses that exist in the city, but really don’t. Mayor Emanuel and the City Council have discovered that all they have to do to make a business or industry disappear is pass a law saying it needs to be more than 500 feet from a school or park. The fact is, no such place exists within the Chicago city limits except a handful of industrial districts - picture the O’Hare Airport semi-truck loading docks, literally.

New proposed ordinance

In January, a federal court ordered the city of Chicago to comply with the US Constitution and allow firearms stores to open there. The court gave the city until July 14th of this year to do so. In preparation for meeting that deadline, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is credited with proposing a law that would technically satisfy the court mandate. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see not a single gun store open in the city if the ordinance is passed.

As detailed by the Chicago Sun Times yesterday, the ordinance would limit gun stores to just 0.50 percent of zoned land within the city limits. The proposal would also require all gun stores to video tape every customer as they are purchasing a firearm. Gun shops would also be forced to submit to quarterly audits by the city and wave their right to refuse any city searches of their sales records at any time.

“There is no question it will be the smartest, toughest regulation on gun stores in the country,” said Janey Rountree, Mayor Emanuel’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Public Safety. She went on to explain, “It’s designed to prevent gun trafficking and illegal sales in these stores.” The City Hall official also cited New York’s mandate requiring all gun store personnel to be trained by federal law enforcement agents on how to spot a potential gun trafficker or straw buyer.

The Chicago mystery

Could the unthinkable be true? Does gun control really lead to higher murder and violent crime rates? The statistics from nearly every city and town across America would say so. And with Chicago having the only gun store ban in the nation, but also being the murder capital of America, it would suggest that gun control advocates like Mayor Emanuel, Senator Durbin and even President Obama are completely wrong about gun control. The facts literally scream, gun control kills, and nowhere more so than Chicago.

According to research done by the Sun Times, the new proposed Ordinance is the result of a somewhat secret combined study performed by City Hall, the Chicago Police Department and the University of Chicago. The resulting report, obtained by the publication, compared gun violence and murder rates between Chicago, New York and Los Angeles in 2011. The study revealed some surprising statistics.

Most people know that Chicago, New York and Los Angeles have similar murder totals each year. The problem is that Chicago is only a fraction the size of the nation’s two largest cities. Consider this fact: For every 100,000 residents, 3.8 New Yorkers will be killed by a gun, 5.9 LA residents will be murdered by a gun, and 13.4 Chicagoans will be shot to death. That’s why Chicago is considered the murder capital of the nation.

Another relatively unknown statistic is that all three cities have about the same murder rate using something other than a gun. “The three cities have relatively similar rates of non-gun homicides,” the Sun Times quoted the report. So, what’s so special about Chicago that makes the city with the only gun ban in the country have the highest gun murder rate? If you can answer that, the city of Chicago might have a job for you. Until then, a handful of desolate locations will be designated for gun stores. But don’t hold your breath waiting for one to open.


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