April 27, 2014

April 27 2014 - This Week in Chicago Corruption

April 27, 2014. Due to popular demand, the Illinois Herald section titled Daily Dose of Local Corruption has been expanded to include a weekly summary called This Week in Chicago Corruption. Straight from the headlines of Chicago’s local newspapers, readers never fail to be shocked at the amount of corruption in Illinois and Chicago. Continue reading to see for yourself.

Cook Co. Recorder of Deeds Karen Yarbrough insists she's exempt from anti-corruption laws because she's an elected official. Image courtesy of Cook County.

From this week’s Illinois Herald special section, Daily Dose of Local Corruption (week ending 4/26/14):

4/26/14 – 700 leaked emails between CNN producers and Chicago City Hall reveal that the network’s documentary ‘Chicagoland’ was little more than a political propaganda series orchestrated by the Hollywood producer brother of the Chicago Mayor. – Chicago Tribune.

4/26/14 – A nationwide manhunt was announced for Emanuel-appointee and convicted Chicago City Comptroller. Authorities fear he will flee to Pakistan after he failed to appear at his sentencing hearing Friday. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/26/14 – North Chicago police officer sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing two men while drunk. Chicago Sun Times.

4/26/14 – Chicago Police officer shoots elderly couple living next door, killing 86 year-old man. The argument was over years-long disputes between neighbors. Chicago Sun Times.

4/25/14 – Chicago letting scammers charge thousands of Bulls and Blackhawks playoff attendees money to park in parking lots the city owns near the United Center. During the games, the city tows all the cars and then charges the victims as much as $1,200 to get their autos out of the Chicago impound lot. Chicago Sun Times.

4/24/14 – Cook County Board President’s Deputy Chief of Staff sentenced to 6 years in jail for embezzling $325,000. Chicago Sun Times.

4/23/14 – Chicago taxi drivers threaten to form union after Mayor Emanuel takes steps to put cab companies out of business in favor of his brother Ari Emanuel’s ride-sharing corporation which is rapidly growing in the city. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/23/14 – While working for and being videotaped by the FBI, a Bureau informant shot and killed an unarmed man with his hands in the air for no apparent reason. It was one of 8 murders and 37 shootings in Chicago over the weekend. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/21/14 – Chicago Police officer murders his police officer spouse and then kills himself. Chicago Sun Times.

4/19/14 – FBI asset arrested and charged with embezzling $370,000 from the suburb of Riverside. Chicago Sun Times.

4/18/14 – Cook County Recorder of Deeds caught filling her executive staff with family members and political contributors who lied on their job applications. The Recorder of Deeds insists that she is exempt from ethics laws because she’s elected by the people. When questioned by the IG, her staffers lied to investigators, with one claiming she never met the Recorder of Deeds or her Maywood Mayor husband, even though they were both photographed at the staffers wedding 5 months earlier.  – Chicago Sun Times.

4/18/14 – Cook County Assessor and Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party continues to refuse to pay thousands of dollars in fines for ethics violations for filling his staff with highly paid family members. IG now suing the official, with taxpayers paying for the entire legal battle. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/18/14 – Because the Chicago Mayor and City Council refuse to give the city’s Inspector General any authority or actual power for fear of being indicted themselves, the city is forfeiting millions of dollars in legal judgments against corrupt politicians and their partners. The city can’t collect the fines if its IG isn’t a law enforcement agency. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/18/14 – Illinois officials announce only very wealthy people will be able to participate and profit off of the state’s newly legalized medical marijuana industry. Would-be dispensary owners must come up with roughly $500,000 to participate and anyone interested in becoming a marijuana farmer must come up with as much as $3,000,000. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/17/14 – US Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) previously announced he would support Democrat Dick Durbin (D-IL) in this year’s US Senatorial election over his fellow Republican. Kirk just announced he was flipping and will campaign for the Republican now. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/17/14 – Two employees of the ethically-challenged County Assessor and Democratic Party Chairman are sentenced to 2 years in jail for taking bribes. Both repeatedly implicated the County Assessor, insisting he was the ringmaster of the scam. But no charges were ever filed against the official who is also the Chair of the Cook County Democratic Party. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/17/14 – More state grant money meant for Chicago anti-violence programs was discovered going straight into the pocket of the spouse of an Illinois State Representative. Other money from the two-year multi-million-dollar grant program was discovered being kicked back to a number of spouses of wealthy and powerful Chicago Democrat elected officials. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/17/14 – African American magazine publisher announces she is switching to the Republican Party and campaigning for the GOP candidate for Governor due only to philosophical reasons. Media outlets quickly reveal the campaign just paid the publisher’s own private company $51,000. The two groups are now using Evanston public high school to film campaign commercials. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/16/14 – 25-year-old index cards discovered recently showing the inner workings of Chicago’s corrupt patronage system expose some historically honest Illinois politicians as participating in the decades-long illegal hiring scam. They include former US Senator Paul Simon, current IL Secretary of State Jesse White and former IL Comptroller Dawn Clark Netsch, just to name a few. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/15/14 – A disgraced county employee and Rahm Emanuel election worker accused of ethics violations resigned due to the allegations. He was immediately hired by the CTA for a high-level, high-paying job. Both his parents and a grandparent have already been convicted of corruption-related charges, while other relatives died before their corruption trials could occur. Currently, his aunt is a powerful Chicago Alderwoman and his brother is a powerful IL State Representative. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/14/14 – The Chicago Police Lieutenant at the center of the Daley murder-cover-up scandal stole and made the case files disappear in a successful attempt to protect then Mayor Daley’s nephew from a murder charge. It’s now revealed the same CPD Lieutenant is accused of stealing another murder investigation file and making it disappear too. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/13/14 – Internal records show that the city of Chicago knowingly put an innocent man in jail for murder and let the known murderer go free for no other reason than to avoid controversy over the epidemic of wrongful murder convictions in Chicago over the past 3 decades. – Chicago Sun Times.

4/13/14 – Records just released from 2012 show the highest paid Medicare doctor in Illinois in that year collected $5.3 million from the agency. He is currently suspended from practicing medicine in the state of Illinois until 2018 for drug dealing. – Chicago Sun Times.


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