January 26, 2014

Trial of Chicago’s NATO 3 reveals Stoners not Terrorists

January 26, 2014. Chicago. The trial of three young men charged with terrorism prior to 2012’s NATO Summit in Chicago is revealing that Chicago Police officers all but carried out the alleged crimes themselves and then pinned the wrap on the three stoned idiots they targeted for arrest all along. The trial hasn’t even concluded yet and local media outlets are already ridiculing the government’s efforts.

Protesters are shown here standing by their fellow demonstrators, the NATO 3. Image courtesy of Occupy.com.

After testimony from the undercover officer that infiltrated the group of protesters, Chicago Sun Times columnist Mark Brown only waited until mid-trial last week before publishing his opinion stating, ‘That may indeed be convincing evidence of their intent to commit a crime, but a terrorist act? I’m not buying it.’

Summing up his reasoning, the popular Chicago reporter explained, ‘A second day of testimony left me more inclined than ever Wednesday that there never should have been any terrorism charges brought against the NATO 3. Undercover tape recordings of three out-of-state activists who came here in the spring of 2012 with designs on causing disruptions during the NATO Summit aren’t backing up that loaded accusation.’

Keep in mind, that statement comes from a pillar of Chicago’s establishment media community and a publication forced to choose its words carefully. Here at the Illinois Herald, we’ll translate the Sun Times’ opinion by coming right out and saying that the government’s terrorism case against the Chicago 3 is bogus, and appears to be peppered with accusations of entrapment by law enforcement.

The NATO 3

At the beginning of 2012, first-term Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared determined to show the country, and the world, that even though he was only the mayor of America’s third-largest city, he had the power and pull to match any global politician. He did the unthinkable – Emanuel scheduled two of the most notoriously protested world government annual meetings for the same weekend, in the same city – Chicago.

First, Mayor Emanuel created a sphere of Martial Law encapsulating much of Chicago, and later expanded to include the various protest areas already taken over by groups like Occupy Chicago. Then mutiny quietly spread through the ranks of the Chicago Police Dept. with rank and file officers threatening to let the protesters through the barricades. They were, and still are, unhappy over Emanuel’s determined effort to slash pay and pensions for government employees and their unions.

The panic came to a head when President Obama announced that the G8 Conference would be moved to the East Coast to alleviate the congestion of two global meetings coupled with the ill-preparedness of Emanuel’s City Hall. The Mayor’s grand idea was blowing up in his face with rumors circulating that Chicago Police wouldn’t be allowed to carry bullets with their weapons on the protest front lines. For their part, officers were flooding their local blogs with fears that the mysterious hacker group Anonymous was going to destroy the personal lives of officers and their families the same way they did to New York, Seattle and Denver officers who were caught on video physically abusing Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The invitation for chaos had been sent and America’s protest movement had RSVP’d in force. With two New World Order meetings, in the President’s home city, run by a globalist mayor, with memories of the 1968 Democratic Convention riots – the stage was set. Every protester from around the world was trying to get to Chicago, including Occupyers, Anonymous, socialists, communists, soccer hooligans, and the most feared of all, anarchists.

Trial testimony revelations

Three days of courtroom testimony last week gave readers the initial setting in which undercover Chicago Police officers first met the NATO 3 – Brent Betterly, Jared Chase and Brian Church. Expecting the arrival of out-of-town hooligans, Chicago Police officers with admittedly no undercover training were dispatched to a handful of local locations in which protesters had begun to congregate. There, they laid in wait for suspicious looking individuals.

With their loud and boisterous demeanor, crazy goatees, and ratty blonde dreadlocks, Betterly, Chase and Church were prime suspects from the first instant. That’s the impression after testimony from the undercover police officer who has since given up her covert job duties due to her face being flooded across the world wide web as an ‘Occupy infiltrator.’

That undercover officer, Nadia Chikko, was accused by defense attorneys of repeatedly trying to instigate violence and criminal acts. If it weren’t for the actions of Chikko and the other undercover officer, the three’s lawyer concludes, the group never would have made Molotov cocktails to begin with. “We don’t instigate at all,” she said from the stand. Chikko then tried to suggest that when she repeatedly yelled, “Riot!” in the presence of the three defendants, she was not trying to instigate them but instead simply quoting what she called a, “catchy” song.

Undercover Officer Chikko was then accused by defense attorneys of being the mastermind behind the group’s eventual crafting of four Molotov cocktails out of discarded beer bottles they had just drank and emptied. Chikko was captured on audio tape pushing the group, “Should we make it? Let’s do it!” Defense lawyers insist the group had never even thought about or mentioned Molotov cocktails until Chikko’s undercover police partner first suggested, and then kept pushing, the idea.

Chikko’s partner, who isn’t named in media reports possibly due to his undercover work but is referred to as ‘Mo’, was also caught on audio tape pushing the Molotov cocktail idea. “Dude,” he begins in his fake street lingo, “We got the Molotovs. That’s not whack.” Illustrating that the NATO 3 had little or no interest in the firebombs, the recordings are described in the above-linked Sun Times article showing that Church, Chase and Betterly, ‘were more keen on the fizzing made by mixing Lemonheads with beer.’

Undercover recordings suggest innocence

Ironically, it’s the Chicago Police’s own undercover audio recordings that may do the most damage to the prosecution’s case. While they confirm that the three beer-drinkers and marijuana-stoners were intent on protesting, they also confirm the three didn’t believe in violence or vandalism. Each of the three, at various points in the evening’s recorded drunken conversations, rebukes the undercover officers’ push for violence with their own proud endorsement of non-violent civil disobedience.

The recordings do reveal 22-year-old defendant Brian Church drunkenly asking, “Ready to see a cop on fire?” But they also record him saying just after, “I’m too f*ck*ng cold to go anywhere. I just want to wrap myself in a blanket and go to sleep.” Additional statements by Church that night also contradict his ‘cop on fire’ boast. At one point, he lectures the undercover officers that he doesn’t, “believe in pre-emptive strikes or property damage.” He clarifies, “I’ll be peaceful until they [police] start hurting someone.”

At one point, you’d think the NATO 3 knew they were under secret police surveillance. And with their vast protest experience, they should have at least suspected it. Regardless, the audio recordings actually capture all three defendants taking turns affirming their belief in non-violence. Jared Chase is heard telling the group, “We’re peaceful.” Brent Betterly then adds, “Peaceful protesters.”

Guilty of something, but not Terrorism

Midway through the trial currently headlining the local Chicago news, media outlets are already accusing authorities of overstepping their powers. The above-linked Sun Times article headline sums up the all but universal feeling in the city, ‘Slingshots, Boasts and Booze don’t add up to Terrorism.’

One of the most insightful secret recordings also provides a brief hint of youthful innocence when Brian Church is caught explaining, “Being here is like, my first major thing that I’ve ever done, like really.” That statement is also sandwiched in between colorful boasts about the damage that could be done by combining the Molotov cocktail with the firecrackers he had and a bow and arrow.

Along with that MacGyver-type weapon, Church goes on to detail another grand idea he had but couldn’t carry out. In one recording, he says he wanted to use a slingshot to break a window at President Obama’s national campaign headquarters, but couldn’t figure out where the office was located. In reality, the only actual crime the undercover investigation seems to show is a whole lot of marijuana smoking. For all their boastful talk, the three never did do anything but sit around, smoke weed and drink beer.

Officer credibility

One of the most damaging statements to the prosecution’s case isn’t the conversation caught on tape, but rather undercover officer Chikko’s sworn testimony describing what the court was hearing. Three days of testimony and audio recordings clearly show that the three suspects were hampered by their non-stop marijuana smoking. The NATO 3’s resistance to carrying out violent acts was obviously beginning to frustrate the undercover officers.

At one point in the recordings, Chikko’s undercover partner ‘Mo’ is heard pushing defendant Brian Church to state out loud his violent intentions and his grand plan, before, “you hit the bowl.” The part of Chikko’s testimony that is raising eyebrows is her insistence that her partner is not referring to the marijuana pipe Church was holding in his hands, universally called a ‘bowl’ for generations by both pot smokers and police officers alike. Instead, Officer Chikko insisted that her partner was using the word “bowl” in reference to using, “the washroom, number two.”

The undercover officer’s statement was so ridiculous, the courtroom literally burst out in laughter at her suggestion. That prompted defense attorney Michael Deutsch to say what everyone was thinking, “I hope all your answers are honest.” Between the unbelievable police testimony, and the very believable secret audio recordings, it seems clear the NATO 3 are guilty of pot smoking and even guilty of letting someone talk them into drunkenly building four Molotov cocktails. But unless the prosecution introduces some shocking new evidence to reverse the trial’s momentum, terrorism doesn’t seem to be one of the things the NATO 3 are guilty of.

To continue monitoring the trial as it unfolds, visit OccupyChi.org.


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