March 27, 2014

IL Libertarians launch Ballot Drive for 2014 Candidates

March 27, 2014. Lemont, IL. The Libertarian Party of Illinois began its petition drive this week to collect the 42,000 ballot access signatures needed to qualify their candidates to participate in the November General Election here in Illinois. The party has just 90 days to collect that many valid signatures and is recruiting volunteers and soliciting donations to help get it done.

Lex and Karen Green with the IL-LP’s 2012 ballot access petitions. Image courtesy of

“As the Illinois Political Division Director, I'll need volunteers to collect signatures, act as local coordinators, and notarize and validate petitions,” Libertarian Party of Illinois political director Lex Green appealed to supporters, “I cannot stress enough how important the ballot drive is for our candidates, for the party, and for the cause of liberty. With your help, every person in Illinois will be able to vote Libertarian in 2014.”

2014 Illinois Libertarian Party candidates

As detailed on the Illinois Libertarian Party website, the state organization has nominated a full slate of state-wide candidates for the 2014 November General Election. They include:

  • Governor – Chad Grimm
  • Lt Governor – Alex Cummings
  • Attorney General – Ben W. Koyl
  • Comptroller – Julie Fox
  • Secretary of State – Chris Michel
  • Treasurer – Matthew Skopek

The Illinois Libertarians also have a handful of state and national Congressional candidates. They include:

  • US Senator – Sharon Hansen
  • State Rep (Dist 33) – Ryan DeBoer
  • State Rep (Dist 37) – Jonathan Parker
  • State Rep (Dist 68) – Richard A. Clark

Adding some fun and a sense of challenge to the usually tedious effort of collecting tens of thousands of signatures in a short period of time, local and County LP affiliates have begun challenging each other and holding contests to see which group can collect the most signatures in the next 90 days. “The Fox Valley chapter has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging any chapter to beat their pledge of 1900 signatures,” a party spokesman announced this week, “while some of our newer chapters are challenging each other to see who can bring in the greater number of signatures.”

The Libertarian Party of Illinois has set a goal of 42,000 ballot access signatures. To accomplish that incredible feat, they’re calling on all supporters and members to step up and get involved. ‘Helping our candidates get on the ballot is the most important activism we do as a party,’ the specially created Ballot Access web page explains to volunteers. The page includes two instructional videos, a helpful brochure and a PDF of the actual petition that readers can download and print themselves.

To find out more, visit the Illinois Libertarian Party’s Ballot Access Petition page.


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