March 17, 2014

Frederick White wages GOP Write-In Campaign for IL CD 5

March 17, 2014. Chicago. When Chicago’s northside voters go to the polls tomorrow, they will notice that aside from the race for Governor, not many incumbents have challengers. For Republicans living in the 5th US House District currently represented by Democrat Rep Mike Quigley, there won’t be any names on their ballot at all in that race. But one Republican candidate - Frederick White - wants northside Chicago Republicans to write his name in so he can face Rep Quigley in November.

Frederick White, GOP write-in candidate for the 5th US Congressional seat currently held by Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL).

5th District Republican candidate Frederick White has lived in Chicago for more than a half-century after moving here with his family at age five. He filed nominating petitions to be included on tomorrow’s Primary ballot. But like so many other sincere citizen-candidates, White saw his petition signatures challenged. Without the resources to fight a legal battle to stay on the ballot, he instead decided to wage an official write-in candidacy for US Congress.

It’s worth noting that Frederick White has satisfied all the criteria to be officially recognized by the Board of Elections as a valid candidate and write-in votes for him will be counted. And unlike some states, Illinois has fairly loose rules for voting via write-in. Spelling doesn’t need to match exactly and state guidelines specifically instruct Election Judges to count any write-in votes that make it clear which write-in candidate the voter intended to vote for. For voters using electronic voting machines, just look for a button marked ‘Write-In’. According to the Board of Elections, a keyboard will appear and one need only type in the name of the candidate.

About Frederick White

Running for the Republican nomination for US Representative in tomorrow’s GOP Primary Election, the candidate needs to get his name out to the voters ASAP. To aid in that effort, the Illinois Herald sat down with Frederick for a brief Question & Answer session:

Illinois Herald: Frederick, thanks for taking some time to answer our questions. First, what made you run as a write-in candidate instead of simply being listed on the Republican Primary ballot?

Frederick White: My signatures were being challenged and I did not have the time or resources to go to Springfield to fight them.

Illinois Herald: What are your one or two top priorities?

Frederick White: To create jobs by lowering taxes and eliminating some of the regulations which are holding back our economy. And to be able to give anyone free access to further their education by forming a ‘learning warehouse’ where people could go and watch DVD’s of major college courses free of charge. I would have various courses running for ten hours each day. This would help out thousands of students and seating would be on an availability basis.

Illinois Herald: That’s actually a fresh and good idea. Thirty years ago, the City Colleges of Chicago used to offer classes via TV. I remember being a kid watching college classes on channel 20. I was absorbing massive amounts of advanced knowledge without even knowing it. Some of it was just interesting to me. So, I definitely see the value of your idea.

Illinois Herald: With Ukraine in the news and your potentially being our Congressman in Washington next year, what is your position on the crisis there? Do you support sanctions, US troops, no action?

Frederick White:  I think our President is weak and Putin is pushing buttons to show the world. I would favor sanctions. However, a more dramatic move would be to okay the Keystone oil pipeline and be able to supply our friends with oil that they are now receiving from Russia. This would send a message and cripple their Rubble. My bigger concern is Iran and their desire for nuclear power.

Illinois Herald: How do you stand on NSA and ODNI spying on American citizens?

Frederick White: One hundred percent against it, period.

Illinois Herald: What do you think is the biggest surprise awaiting Americans once Obamacare is fully implemented?

Frederick White: There are parts of the Bill that force EPA regulations on the average home owners which no one is talking about yet. And I believe that if it is not repealed and replaced, there is going to be a shortage of medical personnel, i.e. Doctors that will accept it.

Illinois Herald: Your opponents in November would be the Green Party’s Nancy Wade and the incumbent Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley. Do you have any complaints about Rep. Quigley and if so, what’s your number one complaint?

Frederick White: How can you complain about someone who has done nothing but rubber stamp every program that is destroying America now?

Illinois Herald: If you were forced to put yourself in one Republican Party wing, which would it be - corporate, libertarian, religious, independent?

Frederick White: Independent-Republican as I can listen and take cause-and-effect of each of their ideas that they want to implement and make a decision on what would be the best for all Americans, not special interests.

Illinois Herald: Thank you taking a few minutes to introduce yourself to our readers in time for tomorrow’s Illinois Primary Election. We appreciate it and best of luck tomorrow.

For readers who would like more information about Frederick White’s run for the US 5th Congressional seat, visit the candidate’s Facebook page.


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